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    I am an independent distributors for nexeurope, the europeen brand of nexagenusa. Did anyone know about this company?
    I have been working with them since January and I came on this forum to try to get new partners an also to get some key to develop more my activity. It is the first time that Im doing MLM activitys. I found they have a good marketting plan, also the way that they paid their commission is interresting.
    Do not hesitate to tell me the truth...


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    Feeling good about yourself is only the beginning.Share this feeling of well-being with others- as an independent distributor for Nexeurope or Nexagen USA you will have the chance to earn money whilst being supported right the way through.
    Nexeurope offers you two interesting distributor options :
    You can either sell the Jen Fe Patch to make some extra cash, or you can join our management team. As a team member, you 'll have the opportunity to make a subtantial income and an interesting career move- all through our popular compensation plan. Whoever knows the market will realise that the more people get onboard, with increased expertise. The more your monthly income will grow. Nexeurope also offers members of the management team a generos bonus and incentive programme. By steadily building up your distributor network and looking after your custumer base, your earning potential is virtually limitless.
    Are you ready for the next step

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