Has anyone heard of Giblink?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by lifestyleplus, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. lifestyleplus

    lifestyleplus New Member

    Hi I am interested in this new social networking site and have done quite a bit of research on it. I am going to join it as it is a new concept in Marketing... has anyone heard of it?
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I haven't heard of it, but if it is a new social bookmarking site, give it a try and see how it works out.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    What is the url of the website ?

    CSGWAHM New Member

    I received a some emails about it. I believe you have to be invited in order to join. Today was the launch date.
  5. gbug

    gbug New Member

    Hi Guys!
    Giblink has decided their official launch date will be Oct. 15. They just started their pre-launch on Sept. 10. So this is very new.I just signed up with Giblink's revenue sharing opportunity, Gibline, this past Sunday. As I've listened to the conference calls, I've learned that this revenue sharing system is totally different than any type of MLM compensation plan I've ever seen.

    I'm not the greatest business mind, but I'll try to explain it as best I can. You have no downline. You purchase either 1 ($50) or 3 ($150)pods. You're pods are simply put in a line behind others' pods. As the line moves, you continue to move up. Once you get to what they call the launching pad, you are paid $50 per pod then you move to line 2 and move thru the process again. With each line, your payment increases.

    Here's the best part. You don't have to recruit unless you want to. Every person that joins after you is put behind you and pushes you up. Each quarter, you pay a fee which is the same amount as you paid when you signed up. Now this is what that does. Each day someone is paying their quarterly fee. This keeps the lines moving even if no one is joining. Each time you pay your quarterly fee, you get more pods which means more avenues to earn money.

    Please check out the website in my signature. It explains so much that I can't and it does it more clearly. Also, they have conference calls frequently. There's one scheduled for Thur. Oct. 4 at 10pm EST. Once you go to the website, just click on join in.
    This whole concept is very different and new. I've had to bury my old ways of thinking to finally grasp what they are doing.

    I tend to get a little nervous since it is so new. However, I checked them out as best I could and all seems legit. If I understand this revenue sharing correctly, it is a phenomenal opportunity. I may even sign up my kids if they allow anyone under age 18.

    Sorry so long. I don't mean to post this in order to sell you on the latest $ making internet scheme. I actually thought someone might know more than me and I could pick their brain.

    At least check it out. It doesn't take long and you might decide it's worth it for you.

    Have a great night!
  6. darlene

    darlene New Member

    I signed up with Giblink last week in prelaunch. I did so at the reccommendation of a very trusted source. The premise is that as people join you are able to make money regardless of wether you promoted it or not. They are gearing up to be the next gen social networking site. If you want to learn more refer to my sig below and once directed you will be clicking through directly to the Giblink. Hope that helps
  7. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    THis sounds a bit sketchy... Getting paid without working always puts me on edge...especially when Ihave to pay to get paid. Please update this as time goes on.

  8. karls1973

    karls1973 Member

    I did some research for the past couple of days and last night I finally decided to join Giblink.
    Yes, their revenue sharing system seems to be different and very promising.
    The only thing I have noticed is that once you access your account, the website becomes very slow. I don't know if this is a good or bad sign.
  9. brianrkrt

    brianrkrt New Member

    I kept seeing the ads in the safelists and they were driving me crazy. The volume on the audio for the sales page was kinda loud, so I kept turning it off (had to click the pause twice) and ignoring the site.

    I finally took a look and dug around in the site. The compensation plan looked promising so I did a couple of review lookups. I can't find my first source again but it was from someone that I have good faith in. He recommended it, preferably at the 3 POD level ($150.00/quarter). You can get in with 1 POD ($50.00/quarter) but you have to sponsor 2 more PODs before you can leave the 1st level.

    My second source was at http://www.theincomeseeker.com/ and once again it was recommended, especially (again) at the 3 Pod level. (Pods are the basic revenue units.)

    Okay, the Compensation Plan isn't in the member site now that Giblink has gone live. I've been looking for it for some time. It basically works like this:
    you sign up and sponsor two more Pods in, or pay for 3. Once enough new Pods total 5 beneath your first 1, it's bumped to the next level. Your next 2 pods follow behind, and each time they bump to the next level, 2 more are created on the previous level. (Which will generate income, as well.)

    Each time your pods go from level 1 to level 2 (5 downline pods bump them) you get $50 each. Then from level 2 to 3, $100. Each time they move to the next level your revenue doubles ($50-100-200-400-800-1600...) There's no upper limit defined.
    Each move from one to the next level is referred to as a "cycle".

    Now, people would have been making thousands and thousands of dollars by this morning, if it were just every new pod goes beneath yours. From what I've figured out, the pods have to have been sponsored by someone in your up- or downline. In other words, your pods move based on a direct sponsorship line above you or below you.

    So, the compensation plan is a little hazy, but I heard from someone this morning around 7:00 that he made $500 from his first cycle, since the launch yesterday afternoon. He showed his commission page to prove it! (3 pods).

    My advice: If you want to get in, then go for the 3 pod registration if you can swing it. And don't sit there. Do something, even if it's only a little. If everybody got in and sat there, then who's going to keep the momentum going? It looks like there's good money to be made here.

    I've been looking for something like this to come along. You can't promote it unless you're in it and lately, I've been getting promotions from all of my internet mentors. That's what finally woke me up!
  10. 600llc

    600llc New Member

    I just joined Giblink and I just started it, its crazy how fast this new internet business is moving, anyone on there?

    So far with my experience on there, its moving faster than any other business Ive ever seen. About 800 people join everyday, and its amazing at how much money you can actually make. Or you can use it to promote your own business on their with their amazing networking they have on their for at-home-businesses. You make 50% revshare from ads from places like google, myspace, youtube, and others. Plus you have your own gibsale store where you make direct profit off of, and the best thing is "no one is left behind".
  11. karls1973

    karls1973 Member

    I have joined gibLink on September 30th and love it. It's great to see a real opportunity with some real earning potential. Giblink is a company with revenue sharing and real products.
    There are three elements:

    GibLink's primary focus is on a business social networking community, designed for small, medium and even home business entrepreneurs around the world to promote, advertise and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace.

    GibSales Marketing Services include Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Full e-Commerce Solutions, Mail Hosting, Web-Site Builder Services, Live Chat, Domain/Mail Forwarding, Digital Certificates, Manages DNS, Dedicated Servers, Private Whois and more.

    GibLine - Revenue sharing among it's members.

    Giblink has as a motto, "No One Gets Left Behind". They are projecting a growth of over 200 million members in a relatively short period of time. As a Social Network, it will afford one the possibility to have contacts that one would not normally have and opens the door to endless possibilities in network marketing.

    GibLink went live on October 15th, it's membership is growing so fast it's incredible. Take a look at the website, you will find all information right there. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at nycpal44@yahoo.com

    Good luck!
  12. JustLooking

    JustLooking New Member

    Can someone provide a synopsis of what Giblink is about? At first glance it looked like it was primarily for businesses.

  13. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Someone from this forum just signed up with this program, and he PM'd me and said he was very dissapointed, to say the least. I'll let him decide if he wants to make a post about it.
  14. 600llc

    600llc New Member

    You know what, GibLink is not a GET-RICH OVER NIGHT program, your not going to see $5,000 your first month or 2, it is a long term business, which in my eyes, is better, I have seen money so far, and if this person your talking about did nothing then yea, they might be disappointed, you cant just join a business and do nothing and expect money, this is true for every single business. The rev sharing does generate money, thousands of dollars, no, but it does help you, what you get from it does help.

    GibLink is growing so fast, with over 800 people joining a day, if you know how to market, then this is going to be huge. The one thing I know is this, I don't want to be one of those people saying this, "Oh I wish I would been a part of this from the start."
  15. karls1973

    karls1973 Member

    Has anyone NOT heard of gibLink?

    Giblink has as a motto, "No One Gets Left Behind". They are projecting a growth of over 200 million members in a relatively short period of time.
    As a Social Network, it will afford one the possibility to have contacts that one would not normally have and opens the door to endless possibilities in network marketing.

    Many analysts believe that a Business / Social Networking site offering a host of business and social tools that shared the revenue among its members would create an amazing global income generating wave, unlike any seen before on the net.

    Membership is available at Basic and Pro Levels. Get in now! Become one of the worlds fastest growing One Stop, Full Service Business Network and Commercial Marketplace.

    Take a look at gibLink's revenue sharing system! Take a look at the gibLine products! The internet is here to stay!

    A big WELCOME to all of you who already joined.

    Good luck and best wishes,

  16. 600llc

    600llc New Member

    Thank you Karl, GibLink is the future of internet business!
  17. karls1973

    karls1973 Member

    Looks like the posts for "The ultimate gibLink" subject are missing today. I just added to it last night.
  18. incomeseeker

    incomeseeker New Member

    It's basically a webservice provider (webhosting packages,SSL solutions) like www.1and1.com. It will also include an autoresponder service in the future like aweber.com for instance.

    It offers its members also a communication platform where one can promote their business on and meet other great people.
    The webservice business is generating millions of dollars every year!
    Its unique revenue sharing program reflects the high demand for such products ... and I recommend it to anyone [​IMG] The longer you wait the longer it will take to rank higher, and so to earn more commissions.

  19. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting: karls1973Looks like the posts for "The ultimate gibLink" subject are missing today. I just added to it last night.


    Quoting: Vishal P. Rao3) Do not start multiple topics on the same business opportunity/programs.

    More over, the post you made was more of a sales pitch than informational post.
  20. BeAChampion

    BeAChampion Member

    You better believe I've heard of Giblink!

    I'm already in Gibline #2 and I already have referrals who are also
    in GIbline #2.

    This is definitely for real and there is a real possibility Giblink could be the next Internet billion-dollar giant but we'll just have to wait and see.


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