Has anyone heard of I cash camp?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by dreamingbig, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. dreamingbig

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    I ran across this site and cannot seem to find any reviews or other info about them. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  2. getagrip

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  3. 040107

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  4. getagrip

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    Ok...here is the deal.

    This is probably a slightly updated version of Affiliate Cash Vault (ACV), which is no longer available. ACV did offer a little bit of value, but the sales page was "slightly" misleading.

    How do I know this that the guy behind ACV is the same guy behind ICashCamp? Well, because Michael LaNoue is the name you see on the ICashCamp.com website, and this was the same person behind ACV. But here's the really funny thing...

    Visit http://archive.org (open this link in a new window), and enter in the URL http://affiliatecashvault.com at the top of the screen.

    Then click on the date of Nov 03, 2005. You will see the name Patrick Lanoux if you scroll down a few lines.

    Now, click the back button, scroll down, and click on the date of Dec 30, 2006. Unless I'm missing something, Patrick Lanoux forgot how to spell his name and decided to go with Michael Lanoue instead.

    Note that Patrick not only forgot how to spell his first name, but he forgot how to spell his last name as well! When a guy forget's how to spell both his first and last name, chances are he's either a complete idiot, or he is being a little dishonest with you.

    You aren't necessarily going to get "totally" ripped off if you order ICashCamp, as you will receive some good information. However, like ACV, you are probably going to get a highly over-rated program, and you will very likely be dissapointed with the results.
  5. sallyrue

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    Getagrip, how many sales do you make on Wealthy Affiliate in this forum?
  6. getagrip

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    Quoting: sallyrueGetagrip, how many sales do you make on Wealthy Affiliate in this forum?

    Its a secret... [​IMG]

    ....but Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal, and is a nice contrast for anyone who has gotten ripped off by a get rich quick scheme. [​IMG]
  7. CCrew

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    I have to agree with getagrip. I have been through many programs. iCashcamp, Rachael Ryan (stay home system), sixfigureyearly, and others.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. For 2 months time, $60.00, you will receive 10 times the information than you can with any of these other programs. Or, be real studius, sign up for only 1 month, $30.00. That was originially my intention. Now I believe I'll be a member of WA for a long time to come
  8. Sonni

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    I just joined WA 6 days ago and have no idea what I'm doing so it will take me longer than most to figure it out. No techy skills and no internet marketing skills. If you some in with knowledge in one of these areas you are ahead of the game but if you're like me, know nothing, then it will take more time and effort. If you're trying to figure out if it's a scam I can say, it isn't. I don't have a link and don't know how to get a link or do a link so I have nothing to gain by telling you it's not a scam. Take the time, do your research and you'll figure out what is right for you. I hope this helps.

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