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    We have not heard from Thrive or Zach Bradshaw for some time now, dispite all the faxes we have sent to them. Today we tried to call and the answering service only responded to "You have reached the corporate offices; enter the number of the person you wish to speak too" Enter 135 and Zach Bradshaw answers the phone with "you have reached the office of customer relations; please leave your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible." Well, we waited all day and never got a return call. Bye the way, I called twice and left 2 messages. So much for customer relations!!!
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    Where did everyone go? I finally heard from Thrive via email... we'll see how it goes but the email was from a "coach" so I don't see them being much help. I sent complaints to BBB of Utah, AG of Utah, Labour Commission, U.S. Department of Labour, Utah State Bar Association and the DCP. I'm not sure any of them will be of help, but I better to ask for help and not get it then not asking at all. How's everyone else doing?
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    We're still here and waiting for a response.
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    Hello - Sorry I have been busy with family matters so I haven't been able to follow along with everything for awhile.

    Best thing I can say is stop wasting time with Thrive. They are so dishonest - it is terrible. All they are trying to do is discourage you so you will just get frustrated with them and give up! If you do that - they have won and they keep YOUR money.

    Don't let them do that!!

    Keep trying the department of consumer protection in Utah. Contact them by phone, emails, letter, or faxes. They will respond. It may take awhile but hang in there!

    I still believe they will be the most help to you.

    If you have not started a blog - DO IT TODAY!

    Let everyone know about Thrive. They are still out there and still taking people's money as fast as they can!!

    Have you signed the petition?


    It is a step - perhaps it will help someday.

    Let us know how things are going!

    Anyone else out there? Let's keep the support going for all of us.

    Thanks -
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    Thrive Scam,

    I worked for Thrive for a year. I read through numerous of these posts and I know that some of the claims are legit and some are bogus. In other cases the blame is placed on the wrong people. This is not a post to defend Thrive but more or less the people that work for them. To understand what is going on you have to understand the process that happens that you don't see. I did not get fired from Thrive I left on my own because in early January they let over a third of their staff go and stacked all the extra work on the remaining coaches. I had no intentions of sticking around to be overworked and under respected.

    First of all Thrive, Spectrum, Focus (they are all the same company), doesn't sell you anything. Thrive has contracted with, more than, 20 sales floors. The sales floors are the ones that take your money, make promises. The sales floor then turns around pays Thrive a small portion of the money and then turns the clients over to Thrive. I don't know the numbers but if you pay 10,000 dollars, the sales floor pays Thrive, at the most, 30% of that. Out of that 10k, Thrive may get 3k. When you are told that you will make this much money, or make your money back this fast, it is the sales floor who tells you that. Most of the issues on message boards that are attacking Thrive, are really issues dealing with a company that doesn't even know where Thrive is located.
    What this means is that you can scream and yell at Thrive all you want, but they didn't take your money, they can't give you the refund. You need to take the issue up with the sales floor.

    Another issue that comes up on the message boards, is the quality of coaches. Some people say the coaches are young kids who don't know anything. This is a really stupid argument. Thrive looks for people who spend a lot of time on the computer and are proficient with the computers. Many of these coaches had blogs or websites long before they worked for Thrive. There are a lot of top-notch uneducated hackers in the world, who run circles around
    college educated computer techs. The more time you spend on a computer, the better you have a tendency to be. Leave the education part out of, it has nothing to do with the coachs ability. Most of the coachs really want to help and feel bad for the clients. The problem with Thrive lies within its administration, management and owners.

    If the coachs get less than 70% productivity they get written up. Three write ups mean they are fired. Now lets look at how Thrive figures up their productivity. A welcome call is worth 30 minutes. A weekly proactive call is worth 15 or 20 minutes (rumor has it they have increased from 15 to 20 minutes) this is only what I hear from people who still work there. Now if a coach calls a client for their weekly session and the session takes 40 minutes. The coach only gets credit for 20 minutes. That one call puts the coach at 50% productivity. The company forces it so that if the coach doesn't want to get fired, it is in the coachs best interest to get you off the call as fast as possible. The coach may know what needs to be done but what choice do they have, when they will lose their job if they give each client the attention they need.

    The next problem is that Thrive overworks their coachs. It is not uncommon for Thrive to schedule a coach for 6 weekly proactive calls, and two welcome calls in a 2 hour period. 120 minutes divided by 8 calls comes out to 15 minutes per call. If the coach wants to get through their workload they have to get the
    clients off the phone asap. The coaches don't like it at all but there is nothing they can do. Now thrive justifies this by saying not every client will answer and that other coachs can make the calls. Sometimes they do, and the welcome calls almost always go 30 minutes. This leaves the coach with one hour
    to do 6 proactive weekly calls. If twenty minutes is allowed per proactive call, then three of those calls have to be no answers for the coach to be able to use all 20 minutes allotted. Many of thrives clients are not very computer savy and 20 minutes can be spent just helping the client log into the e-library. Chats
    are equally as bad. It isn't uncommon for coaches to be on 5-12 chats on a regular basis. Sometimes they are on the phone and answering emails. This is what it takes to keep productivity up. When a customer complains about a coach, this makes the process worse. Thrive will always blame the coach and not the high pressure productivity formula it uses. If a coach gets fired, it may take 3-4 weeks to get a replacement, if Thrive decides to even hire a new one. The work load of the fired coach is neatly spread out to the other overworked coaches. Quality of coaching once again is decreased, complaining about a coach only makes your situation worse.

    The techniques that Thrive teaches do work, the coachs are more than qualified to help you. However as you can see from the number up above, the owners and administation really don't give coaches the time to give you the help that is required.

    Many of Thrives clients have a reason to be upset. Many of them complain so lets go through the steps of what happens when they complain. Once someone complains, the send it to the Team lead. The team leads job is to try to get you to continue working or go on hold. If the team lead can't solve the problem, the team lead sends it to the managers. The managers will tell you the same thing and maybe offer you a perk, like extra weeks. If that doesn't work then it escalates up to the customer support department. The customer support department will often tell you the same thing and maybe offer you some extra perks. If it isn't solved there, then the head of customer support calls the sales floor to see if the sales floor will refund the money. Thrive has no control over whether you get the refund or not.

    So for the people considering Thrive, just understand the way the company works, and that their tactics do work. For the people who are currently with Thrive, don't take your frustrations out on your coaches, they are the only people that actually care for you in the coaching system. If you want a refund take it up with the sales floor. If you get a call from a team lead or manager, just tell them you aren't going to discuss it with them and that you will only talk
    to the sales floor.

    If you have a problem take it out on the sales floor, that is who is responsible for your refund. If you get poor service from the coaches take it out on thrives administration. The coaches sympathize with you a lot more than you think they do.

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    Your letter is interesting. But I doubt it brings any comfort to those who have been scammed out of thousands of dollars!

    It is the responibility of Thrive when they contract (hire) these companies to sell for them, to ensure they are honest people in the first place! Whatever these companies say to conn people is what Thrive is saying as well. So Thrive would not want anyone to sell their product and give them a bad name, would they?

    For those of us who have dealt with Thrive from the bottom up, we know how dishonest Thrive is. Thrive doesn't care about the people they scam, they only want their money and hope they can discourage them from pursueing a refund when they realize Thrive is a fraudulent company.

    If Thrive was so wonderful, why do they keep changing their name to hide? If their product is of such high quality, why do they refuse to offer a money back guarantee? They should not be afraid to stand by their own company and it's products!!

    Have you ever called Thrive and asked for a refund? Many of us have and we have been lied to, yelled at, given the run around, etc. I personally have had the managers yell at me! I was not rude to them at all but they were so very disrespectful, I would never trust them again for anything!!

    But all is not lost! I will not ever buy anything without a money back guarantee. If they won't stand behind their products, I won't even consider purchasing it.

    Thrive cannot give its customers anything it promises. We all know that. Where are Thrive's successful people?

    I even asked my coaches who had websites, why they were working for Thrive if their websites were so successful! They would not answer me! But, I will give Thrive a little credit. I did have some helpful coaches who were very polite. Not all of them are like that though!

    I have never in my life had such a traumatic experience as I had with Thrive Learning Institute! It was a nightmare from the beginning. I lost sleep, and was so stressed, I cried alot!!

    Those of us out here all understand how the sales floors work but Thrive is right there as well. They need to make sure the companies they hire are as honest as they themselves are!

    We out here all know how honest Thrive is!! So how can we expect any more out of those salespeople!!

    Good luck to you in your job search. It's tough finding one these days! I certainly wish you well. Thank you!
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    Well put Taken4aride. I had many things I wanted to say after reading Herome's post but you hit most of it. I do want to thank them for posting and explaining a few things, it's helpful but certainly not comforting. How are things going for you? Anyone else? I heard from the DCP and they said that Thrive screwed up and no longer has any money to refund... wtf?! Aren't they still scamming people?
  8. IMarketer

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    I get it.

    Thrive isn't responsible for the sales people.

    Thrive isn't responsible for the coaches not having the time to deliver the training that was promised.

    Thrive isn't responsible for anything, it's the "sales floor".

    Is there anything Thrive is reponsible for?

    Besides making profits.
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    I have also lost money to Thrive. I to understand the frustration and anger that comes from this. I think herome is not defending thrive. I only hear herome defending the coaches.
    I personally never have been angry at the coaches. I have worked in Health Care as a Nurse for the past 10 years so I can relate to being over worked and having to decide what part of my job I was going to have to leave undone each day.
    I wish I knew how things work with thrive when I asked for a refund. I am still trying to get a charge back for half of what I payed.
    It stinks and I too like to warn anyone else who may read this before or just after signing up with Thrive and still have the 72 hour grace period to change there minds. Also people should know that they can try for a charge back on there Credit and/or Debit Cards I wish I would have.

    I learned a lesson for sure!

  10. Seekingrefund

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    I have tried getting a refund from Prosperity Learning which is the sales floor and Thrive Learning. I tried to do a charge back on three cards that had thousands put on them. The credit card companies refused to do the chargeback. They have actually sided with these scam artists! I don't know what else I can do to get my money back. Has anyone had any luck with getting a refund? I really could use some advice from people that were able to get a resolution to this nightmare.
  11. trish777

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    Hi Seekingrefund,

    The chargeback did not work for me either. I have a pm with the following suggestion:

    If you start complaining to the Attorney General of your State and the state of Utah. You may be able to get your money back. Get an attorney to write a letter to thrive on your behalf.

    I am going to give this a try. sure can't hurt anymore than it already has.

    I found a bunch of complaint in other forums by Googling Thrive and scam and with the BBB there are complaints about Thrive. They have a F rating on one name that they use or use to use. Anyway there are people that want to form a class action suit. I will research it again and see how many people I can find that would want to do that.

    I will let you know what I find out.

  12. Seekingrefund

    Seekingrefund New Member

    Thany you Trish for the advice and yes please let me know about a class action law suit. I am currently trying to put together one myself for the victims of New York. I feel that there is safety in numbers when talking to the Attorney General. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to find those that live in New York. I cannot be the only person that was scammed by Thrive/Prosper.
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    Hi Trish, My husband and I have a similar story we were scammed out of 7,000.00 back in Feb. 2009. We called up and complained and wanted our money back, same story and nothing refunded to us. We have since then built a website on our own and just launched it April 2010. We still have IMAX BanCard as our Merchant Account Service. I am starting to have problems with them too. Same thing you call up have to leave a message, wait for call back, and now to top things off IMAX is now telling me that they can not email me at my business email address. I had a conversation with they today about it and they don't seem to be to concerned about it. I had a friend of mine who is an IT guy look into it, and from what he found he thinks it has something to do with the way their server is set up. How can a valid company do business if they can't even set the basics of the business up correctly? Now that I have been looking into this I have found posts about how Thrive and IMAX BanCard are part of the same. That is how my husband and I got hooked up with them in the first place.

    If there is some sort of action being filed I would like to know and be part of it. You can reach me at designer_girl_nj@yahoo.com or info@heldthisandthat.com

    Thanks Staci
  14. Sheld

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    Hi Seekingrefund, I am not a New York Resident but live in East Stroudsburg, PA so I am not that far. If you would like any help or just let me know where things stand please contact me. designer_girl_nj@yahoo.com or info@heldthisandthat.com

    Thanks and hope to hear from you,
  15. Taken4aride

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    Everyone -

    Sign the petition if you haven't already.


    Your best bet for a refund may be the Department of Consumer Protection in Utah.

    Look for blogs that tell you information about how to seek a refund.

    You are welcome to email me on this forum and I will answer your questions.

    Thanks -

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Sad, especially at a time like this! Hope everyone get this resolved.
  17. Taken4aride

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    Those of you seeking refunds - Call the numbers of the sales people that sold you the Thrive bill of goods. Keep asking for a refund. They have broken many laws and they know it! They are in the wrong and they know it!

    Keep in contact with the Attorney General of Utah. Let the AG know you are out there! Call or fax him.

    Same advise for the Dept of Consumer Protection. Let them hear you talking.

    It appears Thrive may be going down. So if you want a refund - keep your voice heard!! Don't give up.
  18. New to me

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    Thrive Scam
    Thrive has used countless other companies as fronts to protect them, some of these companies are Internet Auction Services, Infusion Media, Accelerated Business Solutions, Platinum Training Solutions, Internet Income Solutions, Internet Logistics and Thriveli just to name a few. These companies are in bed with Thrive, they make all of the promises and break all of the laws and then Thrive claims they did nothing wrong and that they only received 10 percent of the money you paid so in the worst case they are liable for only the 10 percent, this is a lie. Thrive eventually receives all of the money and lets the other companies that broke the laws go broke so they can't pay you back and then Thrive invents a new company to replace the one that broke the laws and went broke.
    I will continue to tell the world about Thrive and the people associated with Thrive as long as I am able to type, I will be sending this message to blogs that have nothing to do with Thrive. I'm also going to contact 60 Minutes to see if they would like to do a story on Thrive, its people and the State of Utah.
    I have lost $12,000 dollars to these crooks, I'm from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and I will definitely be forwarding my story to the Competition Bureau of Canada, Phonebusters, BBB, Ombudsman, my Member of Parliament and my Member of The Legislative Assembly, as well as the Governor of Utah, the Attorney General of Utah and the Governor General of the U.S., I'll also be asking the Governor and Attorney General of Utah if they are proud of the fact that Utah is the "Scam Capital of the World". I will also be including the names of the major people involved "Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David Rasmussen, Matthew Rasmussen and Chad Guthrie, if anyone knows of any others involved in Thrive please let me know. Thrive was originally the Summit Group, then renamed Momentum Marketing and now operates as Thrive, they change the name when they need to but it's the same people with the same scam.
    I have a new idea, if everyone sent complaints to their individual states "Secretary of State, Securities Department" and include a copy of the State of Illinois "Summary Order to Cease and Desist", along with a copy of their story we could shut them down. The order stops Thrive Learning Institute, their Officers, Directors, Employees, Agents, Affiliates, Successors and Assigns from offering and/or selling business opportunities in the State of Illinois or to residents of the State of Illinois. If every State and Country made a Cease and Desist Order Thrive would be finished. You can get a copy of the Order online from The State of Illinois Secretary of State, Securities Department; File # 0800401.
    If you want to get any of your money back you must file a complaint with The State of Utah, Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Attention Glen Minson, Fraud Investigations Dept., treat him nicely as you need his help but don't give up, keep calling him until you get your money back, he may try to convince you it's your fault for signing the agreement but that's BS, you've been scammed as have thousands of other innocent people. Please read the deal Thrive has made with the State of Utah (see Government Actions below) to protect themselves, look for anything that you can use in this agreement to help you get out of your deal with Thrive and its affiliates. You must do this as soon as possible, before the "sales company" you made the deal with goes out of or are forced out of business, you may be able to get your money back from them, but they will most likely drag things out until they go out of business, each company in Utah posts a $50,000 bond, this is one of the places you may be able to get a refund from, once the $50,000 is gone and so is the "sales company" Thrive will start up a new "sales company". You should be able to get 10% of your money back from Thrive (see below). A very important thing to do is write letters to everybody and let everyone you can learn about Thrive and the people involved. Public awareness is Thrives greatest enemy and our greatest strength, send letters everywhere on the net.
    Government Actions
    September 18, 2009

    On September 18, 2009 the Utah Division of Consumer Protection ("Division") entered into a Consent Agreement with Thrive Learning LLC ("Thrive"). The Division and Thrive agreed to the following:

    1. Thrive shall agree to enter into an Exclusive Marketing Agreement with any and all telemarketing floors it does business with.

    2. Thrive shall require all individuals, independent contractors, agents, ensigns, who actively sell its products and services to use the End User Purchase Agreement when selling Thrive products and services. In particular, Thrive agrees to disclose the following to consumers who purchase its products and services: a) the purchase price; b) a clear and detailed description of the products purchased; c) management fees or hosting fees, if applicable; d) suggested prerequisites to operating an e-commerce website, including but not limited to: ownership of a computer, additional capital resources, Internet connection, and general computer knowledge; e) there are no guarantees of success or promises of money back; f) hard work and effort is required to be successful; and g) the customer has a three (3) day right of rescission. It was agreed that these disclosures should be in a typeface which is clear and legible.

    3. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


    This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

    4. Thrive shall include within its End User Agreement the following written notice in twelve (12) point bold font in all caps:


    This provision shall appear in the immediate proximity where the purchaser signs and is not valid when prohibited by local law.

    5. Both the Division and Thrive agree that, should Thrive fail to provide the disclosures outlined above to a particular purchaser and/or transaction, Thrive shall fully refund the purchaser and/or cancel the transaction.

    6. Both the Division and Thrive agree that Thrive has the ability to satisfactorily resolve all customer complaints arising out of transactions which occurred prior to the execution of this Agreement. If a refund and/or cancellation is appropriate, as determined by the Division, to satisfactorily resolve a customer's complaint, Thrives liability is limited to the amount it received from the transaction.

    7. Thrive will work in good faith with the Division to resolve all complaints the Division receives irrespective whether the underlying transaction occurred before or after the execution of this Agreement.

    8. Thrive will attempt to enforce the complaint resolution mechanisms outlined in its Exclusiv
    e Marketing Agreement with all telemarketing sales floors it currently does business with.

    9. Thrive will use its best efforts to ensure every purchaser of its products and services will participate in a recorded compliance call. During the compliance call the customer must be informed of: the purchase price, the products the customer will receive or is receiving, the number of weeks of coaching, and the "cooling off" period. Thrive agrees to periodically review a random selection of these audio compliance recordings to ensure the information was properly disclosed to the purchaser. The underlying transaction associated with any audio compliance recording which does not contain the information may be subject to cancellation and/or refund.

    10. It is understood and agreed Thrive will provide the Division a copy of a customer's compliance recording within fifteen (15) days of such request. Failure to provide a copy of the audio of the compliance recording to the Division will result in a full cancellation and refund of the transaction with the purchaser. Thrive, its agents, independent contractors, and/or ensigns are required only to maintain audio compliance recordings for one (1) year after the date of the recording.

    11. Thrive will provide the Division a copy of any complaining customer's contracts, communications, and use of Thrive products and services within fifteen (15) days of receiving a request from the Division.

    12. Thrive acknowledges and affirms it will: a) regularly update its coaching standards and procedures in an attempt to keep its products and services competitive and comparable with other companies which offer similar coaching; and b) require any party who provides a testimonial or earnings claim to execute a declaration in conformity with the "Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

    Nothing in this Agreement should be construed as an admission of guilt or liability on the part of Thrive. Thrive has entered into this Agreement freely and voluntarily without any undue influence of the Division.

    wonder what the families and neighbours of Colton Moody, Erik Largin, Zack Bradshaw, David In my opinion the peopl
  19. riviera

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    I was also scammed by thrive and no longer even have the website address I bought. If you have any New York resident info, please contact me. Thanks!
  20. fstoned

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    Woowee, My blood pressure may never come down again after dealing with these folks. When I was approached by phone with the get rich quick pitch I was told to look at the BBB ratings for their company (Focus), but that I was to look at Eventure the parent company??. Well I found out later why. Eventure has good ratings but Thrive to whom credit card was charged has poor ratings.

    Anyway, I was stumbling right along thinking I was doing great with program when proactive session came to sudden halt leaving me with email and chat to attempt to carry on business with. What a joke!! When emails were finally responded to it was if I'd contacted some random uncaring person on the street. I found myself cussing a blue streak trying to respond to such ignorant individuals.

    Chat option was a complete joke as well, might wait for hours or not even get anyone before shutting down at night. Complained over and over when I could about not being able to pay credit card bills as I was led to believe I could soooo easily do with their program. Seemed that I was sent chasing a wild hog so that their time allowance would be eaten away.

    Went to Utah's BBB for help. Boy that turned out to be a joke too. The acted just like Thrive. I could never speak to rep handling my case, she would only contact me via email when she wanted to. What really set the woods on fire was the notice I got stating rep had closed the case due to me not responding to latest business reply. Shoooot, I jumped on that with both feet. All one had to do was look back at log of entries and there was my response. Found out their office is just up the street from Thrive, hmmm. Just sayin. The BBB has no teeth and it was an entire waste of time, just like trying to get refund from Thrive.

    After basically getting told I was stupid by Thrives rep at the moment Clint Mueller (something like that) I proceeded in telling him for his sake he better be thankful he was 2000 miles away. Did eventually talk to Zach but no refund. Just started whole thing all over.

    In summary I spent $5,480.00 initially then another $2000.00 with their buddies at the dropship places (did anyone else notice that all these other businesses were in UTAH) and to start business (formally) and still can't make credit card payments with all this money that was to role in. I was laughed at when I expressed concerns of paying bill to Focus on first phone call. Guess they're still laughing, all the way to the bank. Online listeners, please stay away from these people. You are much better off going it on your own. Look online for low cost do it yourself websites like I did if that's what you want. P.S. Wish I'd purchased a wind turbine with my money instead. Oh this write up is just a fraction of my dealings with Thrive, I could go on and on.

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