Has Anyone heard of Thrive Learning Institute

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    Thanks so much for the encouragement. Looking forward to hearing from you in regards to your call. Hope that I get a call soon.

    All the best!
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    We are waiting for a call from Thrive, in order to settle our request for the return of our money. We were smooth talked into thinking that we could make a little extra money but getting a web site and a drop shipper. We were told we would get our money back in 6 months time and be able to make a 6 figure income. You found out that we had a good credit rating and therefore talked us into thinking that we needed to pay this money in order to be able to make more. This is a lot of money for us and we are struggling to pay our credit card bill now. This has a potential to ruin our credit rating and we need to get this money back to be able to pay it off and get back on our feet.

    We are seniors and have a limited income. We just wanted to make a little extra and now we are deeper in debt than before we started this. At one time, I also was talked into setting up and business with Google Shadow, which is a business of Dave Rasmussan. I wanted some advise from Thrive about who he was and wasn't given any indication that he is also from Thrive. I was told that he(Thrive) didn't know him. Now I find out that he is also a part of Thrive. I did sign up with him thinking that I could get a web site going, but later thought this was probably not a good thing and cancelled it. I was able to get my money back. I am so glad that I cancelled that offer. Just another method that Thrive was using the get peoples money.
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    There are a lot of different work from home companies out there (e.g. THIVE, VIANET aka TRIAD MEDIA, ICICOACHING, IEPLEXUS)

    BUT THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS THIS.. Most service fulfillment companies like these don't care about you or your future. Why do you think they ask about your credit rating, or "how much money you owe on your credit cards", etc..it is to see how much money they can drain from your wallets. Many many people have lots their life savings. Usually each company have a 3rd party Sales company that they work for..(IVY CAPITAL to TRIAD, VANUITY to THRIVE, etc etc) and the fulfillment company only gets a very very very small precentage...so if you ask for your money back , you will never ever sometimes, beable to get in touch with the person who sold it to you, and if you ask the fulfillment company to refund you, they'll tell you to contact the person who sold it to you.....geeez SCAM 101. It is highly believed and proven that many of these type of companies prey on the Elderly...Ill let you guys fill out the blanks on the whys.

    BE AWARE!! JUST TO let you guys know, alot of people who comment positively about companies like these or claims that they are doing so well!, in even this forum or on complaint boards,.....Be Aware because they just might be a representative of that company. ASK that person to show you their site...and how many customer come to his site on a monthy basics. And as soon as they post their site link, search it on the web for its statistics.


    - Are they a member of the BBBONLINE, Verisign, etc?
    - DO They have a mission statement?
    - DO they have multiple COMPLAINTS online anywheres?
    - DOES the company want thousands when you can get the same service online for a couple of dollars?

    IF A sales person calls you:
    - Ask them if you can record the conversation.
    - Ask them if you can call them right back from a different phone.
    - Ask them to send you an itemized list of all of what you will be getting.
    - Ask them if they even have a website with the company they are selling you.
    - Tell them , all you have is 100 dollars and see how far that'll get you.
    - Ask them to show you some examples of client's site who are doing well... AND check that url on the internet.

    IF YOU GOT BURNT by these COMPANIES like these:
    - CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY to put a charge back up.
    - Contact the BBBONLINE
    - Contact the Attorney General's office in your area
    - Call Consumer Agencies
    - Take them to small claims court with your burden of proof
    - Write the president of that company directly and make sure you sent it certified mail. Information can be found in the Secretary of States registry and is public record.
    - Find others with the same complaints and get an alliance and do a class action.
    - POST your complaint on many many BLOGS OR FORUM sites dealing with WORK FROM HOME KEYWORDS.. copy and paste the same thing.
    - Make a short video and post it on youtube.com and other related video sites. Make sure you title it as the company who have done you wrongly.


    PS. I am a former worker of companies like these. And i quit when i found out that they were lying and scaming people. SO i am just truthfully speaking what i KNOW.
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    I got a reply from BBB and Thrive's response although it comes from Prosperity Learning. Has anyone else had some contact with Prosperity Learning? They have give us 12 points that they kept their contract. We have to come up with a response by January 5th.

    Would appreciate some feedback on this. Thanks
  6. Taken4aride

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    Dear Spode - Just answer them honestly.

    You were promised a "Business Opportunity" but did not receive nor were told about the disclaimers. The state of Utah have "Business Opportunity Disclosuse Laws" requiring disclosure forms be given 10 days before any agreement is made. Was this done?

    Was the substantiation of the earnings disclaimer provided as law requires?

    How about the total costs of the program? Did they tell you about the additional costs you would incurr after you signed up?

    Also - state they intentionally deceived you by the misleading statements they made (state them in your letter).

    The proprietary information that has been "copy-written" can be found on the internet for free.

    Just state the facts and you should be fine. Remember you are not the guilty party here!!

    My complaint with BBB is listed as "unresolved" because Internet Income Solutions did not reply to my response.

    Do not expect alot from BBB but do answer them otherwise they will
    list the complaint as resolved.

    Good luck to you!! Don't give up. Remember when they do call - have your dollar amount you want refunded ready!

    They will probably not give in at first but hold your course! They will refund what you want!

    Keep in touch! We want to here how things are going!! [​IMG]
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    Worked on our reply to the BBB yesterday and today I took a break from all the stress! Kept dreaming about it all night. I don't know what I will do if they don't refund our money. They say that it was for "additional training." I can't imagine what kind of additional training we got that we did not pay for in the initial purchase. We did NOT get any additional training. We got a phone call once a week, which lasted about 3-5 minutes where they would ask us if we had any questions!!! Didn't know what kind of questions to ask; they hadn't told us anything to do to ask questions about!! I'm just hoping and praying that we get back what we paid!
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    Good Luck to you cmlny! I hope that you can get some results. We are still waiting and have heard from no one, but the BBB. I put in complaints in all levels including the Consumer Protection, but did not get a reply. I will check out the website you listed. Thanks.
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    Thanks for taking the time to set up this petition. Please everyone go to it and sign it so we can get an end to this scamming.

    They are still working, as we got a phone call from someone in Utah again last week, trying to set us up with a home business!! Can't they get the message???? We need to get them out of business!
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    I am still able to get to the Thrive Website, but only on their HOME page. Also I was able to get to the LightWave Builder website, but then we are still getting e-mails for their webinars and their online chats!! They haven't gotten the message yet!!

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