Has anyone joined Mozeena?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by greeeeeeep, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. greeeeeeep

    greeeeeeep New Member

    Tell me your experance with mozeena.
    I was thing of joining,but i need more info.
  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The gold and cash biz? Another "exciting" 2x2...here we go again this time you get GOLD.

    Folks, one-time pay programs are not providing people potential long term residual income. People believe that the "cycling" effect will do this but it doesn't happen. If you want monthly residual income with network marketing then commit to monthly recurring payments yourself. I don't know of any one time pay program that has a long term success record of providing people monthly residual income. While there are many successful companies that have monthly residual income from monthly payments of members.

    The key thing to look for in a monthly residual system/opportunity is the number of personal referrals it takes to break-even. The more the worst off your chances of it costing you. These days anything greater than 3 personal referrals to break even and then prosper is probably going to be challenging for the average person.
  3. galenxia

    galenxia New Member

    i've never heard about this .....sorry
  4. Sam_Jones

    Sam_Jones New Member

    What is that? Is that another MLM or matrix?
  5. greeeeeeep

    greeeeeeep New Member

    Yes but you only need to cycle once to get most of your money back.
    They pay $100 and 100 gold points per cycle.
    They have a matching bonus of $50 five levels deep
  6. excelbiz

    excelbiz New Member

    Has anyone heard how Prowealth success is doing these days?
  7. tswo1

    tswo1 New Member

    I've joined Mozeena and I'm building a nice team. I've been cycling and getting paid, just like they say. And I'm very close to earning my first American Eagle gold coin worth nearly $1000.00! Now that's a nice little bonus!

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