Has Anyone Still Not Heard of Funded Proposal Yet?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by purposedriven42, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    When you search the internet these days, you are bombarded with many online lead generation systems out there and I wonder who else hasn't heard about "funded proposal". As a beginner in internet network marketing, I would like to know more about this group of people who have yet to hear about online lead generation system and how to effectively reach them.

    Can you please share your ideas/info.

    Thanks so much.

  2. TheWinner

    TheWinner New Member

    Hey Jose

    Funded proposal is such a major component in your overall MLM business strategy.

    Your funded proposal should be a retail product less than $50, that is related to your primary business. This product should educate your prospect, e.g. How to become a successfull network marketer, or, How to generate more leads... etc..

    After promoting Yourself, not your company first (Because most people join other leaders who think they can add value to them, or help solve thier problem). You should be looking to lead with a front-end funded proposal, then back-end your primary business.

    There are 4 reasons for this:

    1. 97% of your potential prospects will NOT join your primary business. If you are NOT leading with a funded prosposal product, you are leaving 97% of your income on the table!

    2. You will not run out of marketing and expenses budget. In other words, your business keeps on generating cashflow, so you stay in business. If you are selling a front end funded proposal for say $50, this will literally cut your expenses and marketing costs to zero, and even make a profit. Just keep re-investing the profits into marketing to your target market, which will continue to grow your marketing pipeline.

    3. Your downline members will get into positive cashflow relatively quickly. So not only are you building a successful organisation, you are helping your downline to achieve huge success.

    4. The prospects who have purchased a funded proposal off you have learned something valuable, trust you, built a relationship with you and will more likely to join you in your primary back-end business (Whether it be GDI, Herbalife, Giblink...etc...). And become a successful marketer in the process!

    I first came across the funded proposal concept by reading Magnetic Sponsoring By Mike Dillard. Its a real important concept to apply to your business strategy and continuous business growth.

    I hope this helps.

  3. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    Thanks for your reply Kiran.

    Can you please give some tips on how to effectively reach out people who haven't heard of "funded proposal" yet.

    Thanks again...

  4. TheWinner

    TheWinner New Member

    Hey Jose

    If you are in the MLM business, I suggest you keep marketing to your TARGET market. That is, other home business owners, those that have had a home business in the past and look to start in a new company, or newbies looking to start in this industry.

    If you want to specifically target those who have not heard of this concept, I would target those struggling with their MLM business with the relevant keywords within your marketing campaigns to match this market.. maybe something like..... "Struggling with your MLM?..I can help.".. You can probably do a lot better than this headline... as I have just written it from the top of my head.

    Those who are struggling in thier MLM may have a high chance that thier are not using the funded proposal concept.

    Hope this helps

  5. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    Thanks Kiran!

    You are right. If they are still struggling the most likely are not yet using funded proposal and since there are still many struggling, it follows that there are many more who haven't heard (or not yet using) funded proposal! That answers my question in mind.

    Am now out to reach them wherever they congregate [​IMG]
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    People will follow the ones they can trust so your primary interest needs to be to help people with what they are doing - especially if you have a product that can help them with their network marketing business.

    If you are simply contacting them and trying to shove your program or product down their gullet, you will not get very far[​IMG]

    Be genuine - if they trust you, they will allow you to help them.
  7. TheWinner

    TheWinner New Member

    Thats very true mountainmom5 [​IMG], people join people in this business. So if you are likeable, trustworthy and possess the value and a system that can help others, people will allow you to help and lead them to success. [​IMG]
  8. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    Thanks mountainmom5.

    All other factors being equal, people buy from people whom they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

    I bought three different ebooks on funded proposal. I think they are all good and they have their respective strengths and weaknesses but I decided to promote the one from the person whom I personally know, like and trust.

    Thank you guys for the interesting inputs...

  9. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    There you go. Proof for the Know-Like-Trust principle.

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