has anyone tried mywebbiz.org

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by tinimini, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. tinimini

    tinimini New Member

    I saw this program and it sounds very legitimate but I wanted to know if anyone has joined it before or has any suggestions. I looked for a post but I couldn't find one.


  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    mywebbiz.org is a blank page. It has a starting "fee" of $29.95. Most information is available for free at various forums.
  3. EyeSize

    EyeSize New Member

    I was currious about this program too. Because it has not that much information it shares. I contacted the website owner for more information (about 1 month ago now) and didn't get any reply what so ever. I would say proberly a scam. But he I can be wrong too. Email can be screwed up sometimes too. Try monitoring his live help box and see if it is ever online. I didn't see it online ever. Just my 2 pence off advice.
  4. tinimini

    tinimini New Member

    That is funny. I always get a reply and I have sent at least a dozen emails. And I have chated with someone online several times, it must just be a timing thing.
  5. tiffaniesamber

    tiffaniesamber New Member

    Stay away from this company (mywebbiz.org)! Its just another online scam to get your money. They charge you to work for clickbank when you can just do it for free!
  6. tinimini

    tinimini New Member

    tiffaniesamber: tinimini
    Well this wasn't a clickbank scam at all, it had nothing to with clickbank. It was a list of several companies that offer little things to do to earn cash. It was decent, not what I expected it to be, but I make about $50-$100 a month with this program.
  7. arms1977

    arms1977 New Member

    too joined mywebbiz.org a few months back. I paid the $29.95 fee REFUNDABLE fee. Every day for 23 days I was sent emails of various companies to join. Some of them I already belonged to, some I signed up for, and some I didn't want to sign up for so I didn't. I received an email on my final day congratulating me on sucessfully completing their program and to watch for my check to be arriving in 4 to 6 weeks. Guess what....2 months late, no check and all of the emails I send them are sent back to me as "failure to connect with support@mywebbiz.org!" SCAMMED AGAIN! The prvious post was right MyWebBiz.org has nothing to do with ClickBank, but I know for a fact they are a scam. In fact most of the sites I joined through them were scams too. I signed up for free, but can't do a dang thing unless I pay lol. not to mention all the HUNDREDS if not thousands of junk mail I get as a result. I feel like a total fool!
  8. Sadly, this is another example of the type of come on scam which baits you into system for a low cost, then they try to upsell you on a dozen other offers, and by the time you find out you won't make a dime, most forget about it and right it off as another loss, and hopefully a lesson to not pay for anything that can be had for free.

    Success to all,

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