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    First I have to express apology because of my English. I'm not a native so my writing might be disturbingly un-professional.

    Still, I have a feeling that what I'm about to share might be interesting to learn. I'm still testing it and kind of hoping you people are willing to help me by finding out does this technique really work for you.

    Few week ago I joined in to this online network marketing world. Before that I was an affiliate and my passion was SEO. During past few years I learned a great deal about how Google works and how people are actually ranking at first pages in there. Really, it's not that hard to do, but you have to know what you are doing.

    The most important thing in SEO is backlinks (aka pages that are linking to your webpage, in case you didn't know) and equally if not more important is the text what reads in that actual link (called anchor text). Now, Google does not index nor rank websites, it does it for individual webpages. In other words, your site has to be structured that way...build links to your individual webpages, not just for the main page.

    When I joined in to this network marketing program where I'm in, I got my own webpage, identical (but some what customizable) to any other member what they had. I dig in little deeper in this new world, I got 3-4 different websites for me to promote. Not an actual surprise, right? This is how it works online. Only unique thing what I have is the url.

    Today it hit me...why couldn't I combine these two? Build links to my sites and try to rank them in Google?

    If someone is now thinking, so what? Let me clear this out. People are searching information through Google. The only way they can find that information is through search phrase. If someone is searching whit some highly targeted keyword and YOUR site is top of the list, what are the changes that he/she would be interested what you have to say?

    I could stop here, but I don't. For sake of this post I will give you the guideline what I'm planing to use on my test:

    1. Find out what Google things about you page. Go to Googles Keyword Tool (you can find it through Google ordinary search) and use that "WebSite Content"-option and type your url in (you can use this option only then if you have an english based operating system like windows, it's not shown without it...don't know why...).

    Choose a longtail keyword what has some search volume (3000-20000 is enough). I assume these are keywords what Google things are related to your site. It helps on ranking...

    2. You need to find a tool what can tell you how many backlinks one particular webpage has. I'll recommend "SEO for Firefox" add-on, because it's free and works for this research. Of course, your web browser has to also be Firefox.

    3. When you have that software installed, go to Google Search and enable your add-on. The SEO logo on bottom-right corner should be blue. Then it's working. Search using that keyword what you choose at step-1. If the SEO-tool is correctly enabled, you should see kind of a blue chart below every search result. Find a place where reads "Y! Page Links:" and click the question mark after it. The number tells you how many backlinks that particular page has according to Yahoo Search. That's the information you can some what rely on.

    Do this research over and over again, until you find a keyword what can be conquered. If all of the pages on first page has more than 100 or even a 1000 backlinks, it's really hard to climb up there. You should find 3 to 5 keywords what you can work with.

    4. Now let's build some backlinks! Use forum signatures, comment to blogs, write articles and so on. Keep everything niche based. Every time you create a link to your site, use as an anchor text one of your keywords. You should have one primary keyword what will have like 30% to 60% of your backlink-anchors.

    Few warnings. Don't create 100's of links in one day. You should be careful what you do. Build something like 5 links per day. And really, every time you drop a link put some value to it. There is a rule in marketing, you have to give first before you can get. The same rule applies to linkbuilding also. You can do that...so do it!

    I have a theory...if you apply this and really take an action and do every step, you should get your page ranked in any phrase, but like I told at the beginning...for now, I'm testing this. According to my knowledge...this SHOULD work, but like in everything...you need to test it first.

    Now I'd like to request some help. If you even slightly liked what I just told you...try it out. In return you might get the benefits what I told you. Share your results (but don't share the keywords...they are for your eyes only) so other people can benefit from the same system.


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