Have you heard about 6VIA.net? A review for 6VIA.net

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    Have you heard about 6VIA.net?

    I have joined a few so-called online business opportunity. Most of them do not work well for me because of some common mistakes that you all have encountered. For example, false advertisement and lack of leads.

    I found 6VIA. http://www.6VIA.net. One would need to subscribe to 6VIA's Vendor ??“ DeSOHO at 19.95/month! DeSOHO provides you with a complete eCommerce solution integrated with Google Adsense and Clickbank for extra income. The eCommer Solution includes Unlimited Sale Pages, Unlimited Opt-in Page, Email Broadcasting System.

    I personally use my DeSOHO Website pretty frequently to sell my own products and recruit others using the sale and opt-in pages. The most used tool is the Email system. I sent all my newsletter to my leads with just a click on button! How convenient!

    Let us go back to the program ??“ 6VIA. 6VIA has the below benefits (income streams):
    1. Auto Team Building System with ranking system
    2. Direct Team
    3. Pay to Ad Campaign
    4. Special Bonus

    If you would like to see the details, continue reading. If not, just skip and read my conclusion.

    1. Auto Team Building System
    A pretty smart way to earn. Whenever you join, all else joined after you will be placed in your "Group Team". The more people you have under you, you will earn more in each month. Moreover, the ranking system allows you to earn like 5x more on each stage. For example, once you upgraded, you will be a Rank 1 member. With 5 personal referrals, you will then be bumped to rank 2. The earning difference between rank 2 and rank 1 are significant.

    2. Direct Team
    Like all other programs, 6VIA has a Direct Team system. Direct team means your personal referrals. The more you have the more you earn! The direct team has 10 levels. Therefore, as long as your downlines recruit, both parties earn at the same time.

    3. Pay to Ad Campaign
    This is ridiculously amazing! As MLM marketers, we all have at least one or two personal blog or website to promote our businesses. If you submit yours to 6VIA, they will reward you with CASH!

    4. Special Bonus
    Sometimes 6VIA releases their special promotions. Leader Group, Elite Group, and Noble Group are in place to reward the loyal members and provide extra cash income!

    My Performance in 6VIA
    Due to the fact that I do not want to make this like a sale article, I would not post my screenshots of my actual earning. However, the first two months I just barely broke even with the cost of 19.95/month. As my group and direct team start to be developed and I have identified my most effective downlines, we worked as a team and we have achieved a decent, yet significant, earning!

    6VIA's payout is on time and reliable. That's no doubt with it. Customer services agents sometime may not provide you the answers that you want, but that's well-expected.

    With just 19.95/month, It's worth a try. Even if you do not want to spend the money, 6VIA provides you with a FREE registration. You can reveal all the secret behind 6VIA as a FREE member. And better yet, 6VIA's new partner ??“ SuperEmarket is joined and provide us with a ClickBank experience. We help the Vendors to promote. We make money as they make a sale! Check it out at www.6via.net

    The bottom line is: With On-time payment, Low Cost, Quality Products and Many ways to earn. I suggest you to register a FREE membership at 6VIA.

    Tell me what you think about 6VIA by replying this threat =) Thank you!


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    i join 6via can i get the potential reward even if i do not anything ?

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