hello from maine ;];]

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    hello from maine ;];] my name is Patty . and i work at mcdonalds resturant . i am 46 yrs old and have my own home which im trying VERY HARD to hold onto . i am single. no kids , i have a cat / dog for pets. i have worked in resturant work for going on 14 yrs. .. to be honest i do not want to do it anymore. im tired of the stress and b.s. that goes with it. i want to work at home. and no i do not have any idea of how to do anything online. i can e mail . and search. copy n paste. but nothing fancy. I AM WILLING TO LEARN !! but my problem is $$$ . ummm i work at mcdonalds.. can we say " gas $$" and that it for pay..no benes , no bonuses. etc.. just basic minum pay..i am THANKFUL I HAVE A JOB ;];] but i want to do better !!! i can not do anything extra and thank the gods above i dont have a cc !!! im on food stamps . my chk goes to bills. NOTHING EXTRA !! i fill my gas tank 40.00 to last 2 wks. i cant go anywhere ... sooo i work and search the net for a better living. can anyone pls help?!!!! im tired of existing .. I WANT TO LIVE !! i want to help others to have a better life.. my dream my whole life.. is to have a ranch style log home, 100 acres and horses . im hoping to find any help/ support here. glad to meet you all. ;];];] sincerely patty
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    Welcome Patty!

    I hear ya! And I am thinking as I read thru your post... she doesn't have any kids.. and she lives all alone, wow, she would have hours to work online [​IMG]

    I have 4 kids still at home and am a busy mom.[​IMG]

    But anyways here is a link that helps explain a little about what a lot of us do on here....

    click here ----> What IS Affiliate Marketing??
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    thanks mm, yeah i just have never found mr right.. ive been cheated on so much i gave up.. been single almost 10yrs. but oh well..and yes i do have hrs and 2 days to work online.{ 2 days off} i love my home and pets. i dont get much of phone calls or visitors. which i like due to mcdees is BUSY !! which is good..but i do APPRECIATE my quiet time . any and all help will be researched ;];];] thank you c ya patty
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    Welcome Patty,

    Success online does take some time as you must learn effective marketing techniques and strategies.

    You do mention lack of money so it is important that you focus on free marketing methods like article writing. You may also want to start to figure out what it is that you want to promote online. With no money to spare, I think the best route open to you is affiliate marketing.

    And ask questions here and search online for more information. There is a lot of stuff out there that can help you.

    But with free methods of promoting online - this will take some time to be successful.

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