Hello from Marcus in AZ!

Discussion in 'Work at Home Dads' started by luvinarizona, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    I'm new to the Forum and would like to say "Hi" to everyone.

    I am working towards becoming a Work at Home Dad. I am currently involved with a Travel MLM, TraVerus Travel Network, and have been fairly successful. My plan is to work at home full-time within the next 18 months.

    Please share what you are currently doing to be able to work at home.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Welcome to the forum. For how long have you been working in the travel business?
  4. MAP

    MAP New Member

    Welcome to the forum Marcus!

    Tons of great tips for marketing your business here.

    Good luck


  5. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    I've been in the travel business for nearly 2 years.

    It has been very profitable because there are two ways to make money. It has also saved me a ton of money on my personal travel.
  6. heistheanswer

    heistheanswer New Member

    Welcome aboard Marcus, I too am working my way to be a stay at home dad. I chose the Little Guy Network and Passsport To Wealth ways. I have been successful and hope to be retired from my JOB in the next 60 days. This making money from home has really been a blessing in our lives and I want to help everyone that I can achieve what they're looking for. Too many people out there are getting screwed by their employers and not enough people know that there is a better way. Good Luck to you and if I can ever help, I'm just a phone call away, take care and God Bless
  7. 21centaur21

    21centaur21 New Member

    Welcome to the forum Marcus and good luck in all you do!

  8. bbeard

    bbeard New Member

    Welcome Marcus. I am working towards being a Work at Home Dad. Not yet at a point financially that I can take that plung just yet. Looking forward to the day when I can.
  9. Lori Moreno

    Lori Moreno New Member

    Let's get all of you Dads home where you belong!

    That way you can live your life instead of your life living you!

    And guess what?

    Monday mornings can be wonderful![​IMG]
  10. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    My husband was both a stay at home dad when our kids were younger - which was ALOT of work! He helps me with my business at home.

    We are not really supposed to mention what all we do here, I would suggest you look at people's signatures and the quality of their posts and read through the forum to get an idea of what you think would work for you.
  11. momsoffice

    momsoffice New Member

    Welcome! I also work with Traverus!! It has been alot of fun and soon my hubby will be joining me as well! woohooo
  12. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    Welcome Marcus. Glad to have you as a new member. You will find this to be a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and get to know some pretty incredible people. We are rather unique, us home business geeks. Most of the world dosen't understand us, or why we do what we do. As to your question, click on the signature file links of the folks you find interesting, and you will see what they are into. We are not really supposed to broadcast it in our posts, to keep the spam to a minimum. Once again, welcome.
  13. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Good luck Marcus. Be sure to take care of your health and fitness as well. Alot of people seem to forget that you have nothing without your health. Im going to vegas next month. I'm going to check the prices on your site now.
  14. Graham scass

    Graham scass New Member

    Welcome Marcus,

    What a great feeling it is when that day arrives when you can safely tell your boss you no longer need the job.I was working so hard in my j.o.b back then and the only person seeing any reward was my boss now i know that all the effort i put into my work now is for the benefit of little old me and that feels great.
    The main thing i do know is affiliate marketing and if it is done correctly the rewards are awesome.

    Give it a try and good luck for the future.
  15. HighRoad

    HighRoad New Member

    Here's to your success. Feel free to drop me a line anytime you need an answer to a question or need a resource. I've got plenty. [​IMG]
  16. klrrider

    klrrider New Member

    luvinarizona: and have been fairly successful. My plan is to work at home full-time within the next 18 months.

    Hi Marcus and welcome to WAHF

    This is pretty much everyone's dream here and some are doing it... the rest of us are still working towards it.

    Glad to have you aboard. Just cruise the post and something will catch your eye.
  17. rovingdigital

    rovingdigital New Member

    Welcome to the forum Marcus Im also a work at home dad and working at home . and also in Traverus . Hope you find a lot of good information and share any ideas with the rest of us .

    Les RovingDigital
  18. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    Welcome to the forum. I am able to work at home by training dogs and doing internet marketing.

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