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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by mkosully, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I recently injured my knee and will be having surgery. Being on short term disability and off work has given me a chance to evaluate my real feelings about my job. I have come to the conclusin that I hate it. I am a superintendent for a construction company but with the market the way it is right now, I have been working 12,13 and even longer hours a dayand the stress never ends. This turned me on to my computer and here I am.

    I have written a couple of articles to get traffic to a free website that I acquired through a money online business system I purchased. These forums have been a wonderful source of information and inspiration. I am still learning about affiliate marketing but was wondering if I should stay focused on articles for right now. I have plenty of free time and just want to keep pushing forward learning as much as I can as fast as I can. Any advise?
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    Boy - I wish I had the problem of having free time - LOL

    Articles is a wonderful way to get traffic to a website that you are monetizing in some way. Is your website promoting anything in particular?

    Those are some things I would look at, I think...

    What do you want to promote...

    What is your goal as far as making the money....

    Then it is easier to know exactly what method of action to take online.

    Cheers and hope your surgery goes okay,
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    I wish I got hurt just to be forced to spend more time working online. Lol. Although I still find enough time a day to spend to keep on progressing. With all of that time on your hands, I highly suggest you take full advantage of it.

    You mentioned you are interested in affiliate marketing. I recommend for you to take a look at Weathly Affiliate. The link, you could find in my signature. The forums alone there is a gold mine. It's deffently a great place to start learning.

    Good luck with your journey to success!

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    Welcome to the forum! You should consider selling other articles, there are many buyers
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    Hi guys,i've been resting from writing my thesis for this term,so i went

    tripping into forums.Nice to stumble into this thread,been interested

    to make money online while studying here at the film school in Asia.

    I sure hope to go into that link so that i can learn a lot....
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    Affiliate marketing is awesome, articles are a great way of starting out as the start up costs are very low focus on this for now master it and then try other ways of driving traffic. This is exactly how i started out stick to it and the rewards are awesome.Take a look at my signature below to read reviews on a few systems that work.

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