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  1. pmcardel

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    Hello everyone, I'm a father of 5 children ranging in age from 15-5. I work on a truck dock loading and unloading trailers in the LTL industry. My wife hasn't worked in several years due to physical ailments, and I generally make about $600 per week. As you can imagine, money is very short; one income with 5 children, mortgage, car payments and, of course, credit cards. My wife as maxed out all the cards, and we have no savings to help put the children through college. And as gas and food prices goes up, it's getting harder and harder to put food on the table for everyone. Sometimes, I won't eat in order to make sure the children have enough. And I myself am beggining to have some physcal ailments which are affecting my work performance--it's a "strong back, weak brain" job. Our money woes prevent us from having our children in sports/clubs; we can only afford to have our oldest in a sport at this time.
    My wife even opened credit card accounts in my name without my knowledge; now we are both having to appear in court for failure to pay on those cards. And I'm fearing the lose of my house and job.
    I've tried MANY work at home products, only to feel discouraged when none have panned out for me. I came across this forum while researching more work at home ideas. I'm not looking to get "rich". I want to make enough to spend more time with my children and get them in more socialable surrounding(sports, etc.) while also getting something going to get them through college; well, 3 of them anyway, two are special needs and I know they won't be attending college. I'm not asking anyone to "take me under their wing", but I need to be pointed in the right direction. The more time goes by, the more discouraged I become. My biggest fear is not being able to give my children the best chance for a bright future.
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    I know it is hard for you but you have come to a place that has great people and tons of information. You maybe able to find something here that will help you. Your story unfortunately is not the only one like this. I wish you the best for the future of your whole family. You have started with the first step and that is reaching out. So check back here often and see if people have some ideas for you. [​IMG]

    Please be careful there are alot of scams out there and from your posting you are desperate. Please do your research first before jumping into anything.
  3. Just2EZ

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    pmcardel: The more time goes by, the more discouraged I become.
    Do not lose hope and faith.
    If you own your house, check your state's Homestead laws and use it.
    Your creditors can file a judgment against you but not your equity up to a point.

    The first thing I would recommend is to find something to promote and
    PUT IT IN YOUR SIGNATURE LINK on this forum (and others).
    Try a Clickbank product you feel passionate enough about to endorse.
    Or read through this forum and find a business you don't have to pay to join.

    There are so many free ways to earn money, you just have to choose.
    I truly sympathize with your situation having raised 5 kids on a shoestring.
    I survived and thrived only because I never gave up hope or faith.
  4. zacharias

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    I personally think amazon mechanical turk is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. You won't get rich, but you can make enough to pay off a bill or two. I would get your wife to do it everyday.
  5. happywife

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    My heart aches for you and your family and the hardship you face (and so many others like you). The financial pressure people are under these days is very difficult and affects their lives and health in so many ways.

    I wish I could offer you a quick fix, but I'm afraid there just isn't one. I've learned to build a successful and profitable online income using SBI, but it takes a lot of time and effort up front with little to no income for several months (in most instances).

    In most cases that would be what I would consider, "pointing you in the right direction," but I don't know that it would be a realistic option for you in your current circumstances.

    The suggestion of using Amazon's Mechanical Turk is not a bad idea for a few dollars per day extra. Another option is to see if there is anything you or your wife could offer to do for people on fiverr.com.

    If it is something that is not too difficult or time consuming for you to do, you can make a bit of money that way to help tide you over, but it's not really a "solution" to your current financial crisis. But, it might just be enough to give you a little encouragement and help until you can do something more substantial.

  6. Ron S

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    When the going is getting tough, the tough gets going. Be the tough!

    There is so much scam and misinformation about work at home & online business opportunity. Beware of the quick fix models that sounds too good.

    weebitty: Please do your research first before jumping into anything.
  7. robinincarolina

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    I have been with my back against the wall. Fear and desperation don't make good work mates from my experience. I would strive to do things that may make money quicker than others. Such as writing 5 articles with direct marketing. I have a lot of affiliate products that I promote. When my back was against the wall I would find myself focusing on click bank product as it's bi-weekly pay as opposed to other's that pay once a month.

    While all that was fine and well, it didn't always fit into or it took away from my long term goal.

    What I discovered was efforts I put in today, may not pay off for months down the road. Once I accepted this concept, I was able to relax and focus on a task at hand.

    Long term satisfaction, not instant gratification

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    pmcardel, i can only partially understand where you're coming from. I've received a foreclosure letter before but i did manage to climb back up. Work at home is a process so don't rule out conventional means to generate extra income for the time being. I recommend a simple, consistent plan or steps to reach set goals. Current goal may be to pay off small debts and/or give you some emergency funds. This will give you some breathing room. Write everything down as if you were to treat it as a business profit/loss statement or balance sheet. You need to include all that pertains to your household. You can liquidate things that you don't need or use (you can always buy new things when times are better). It might be tough in the beginning but it needs to be done. Another thing to look into is a business that does'nt have up front or enrollment fees and the ability for retail sales as well as residuals. This way when you move product or service you can benefit from quick sales. Set your goals and make a definitive plan. Wish you the best.
  9. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    One way if anyone is desperate enough I called "Begging for $" on my blog.
    It was a demonstration post how anyone can put a PayPal "Donate" button on their site.
    Only time I used it in real life was to raise money for a friend's hospital expenses.
    But the post was to show anyone with a reason can beg for $.
    One could even put it in their signature link if so inclined.

    P.S. My earlier suggestion to use pay per click is good way to go broke.
    No one should jump in to ppc without learning all they can first.
  10. jedwinvellore

    jedwinvellore New Member

    Hi...I know how it feels. What about using some spare time to get a blog started and using some methods of monetizing?
  11. Rach72

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    Hey pmcardel

    I'm going to get tough here..... be warned!

    are doing a great job and are being put in a very terrible position. There is no point in you making any more money or sacrifice if it is just going to get squandered away.

    Get your wife to start getting in some money - someone suggested getting onto Fiverr but Elance or Odesk are also great places to start bidding for jobs. Yes it is hard work, yes it pays terribly at first, but they are a great place to start to learn about what you need to do.

    She needs to suck it up and get on with it I don't care how physically ailing she is. What does she do while the kids are at school?

    If she has the ability and time to create store cards and spend money, then she has time and creativity to earn it too.

    We have 4 kids under 6 years old and I have progressive MS. My husband works 50 plus hours a week for less than the average wage and I last month I bought in an extra $500 just from writing stuff for other people. If we can do it and survive without hand-outs then anyone can.
  12. abdncwithlj

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    Wow. That sounds incredibly rough. I found something that I'm pretty hopeful about. I was brought into an MLM by a friend and refused to go to my friends and family. I went online searching out a better way to find leads and stumbled upon my new coach. If you are interested, check out the link in my signature. I hope it helps.

    Also, I've found in my own life that when things are going crazy that it is usually a symptom of a larger problem... I hope that this recommendation will help you as much as it helped me. Check out Creflo Dollar's teachings on Youtube. I am a firm believer that the universal laws that people are talking about everywhere now are actually a version of what the big J was teaching. Good luck on your journey.

  13. paulb1

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    Dear pmcardel:

    First things first. Don't be too proud to contact your local food pantry for temporary help. Insofar as your mortgage ask your mortgage holder about a loan forbearance, that can reduce your monthly payments. The secret is not to panic, and just slow down and breathe. Next you and your wife communicate about what you really really want. The next thing is to plan on how you are going to achieve it. I have learned from personal experience that a desperate state of mind can be very detrimental not only emotionally but health wise also. Slow down, and never never give up!

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