Help fight back against the work-at-home scammers

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    Hi, I'm a journalist in Silicon Valley, and I'm working on an article about Internet crime and what law enforcement and average Americans are doing to fight back against the criminals.

    I'm looking for people who have worked for (or been victimized by) companies that they later realized were scams. I've heard about two common work-at-home scams: in one, they send you a package and you forward it elsewhere; in another, they wire money into your bank account and you send it on to another bank account.

    I hope there are people out there who think telling their stories will help others understand what's out there, and prevent them from falling victim to these scams. You don't have to use your real name if you don't want to.

    Please send me a personal message through the system and let me know how I might contact you, or ask and I'll send you my full contact information.

    Thank you, Ryan
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    There is an internet scam going around right now that I'm really furious about, and its one that I"ve been a victim of. Its created by Russ Dalbey, and its called the cash flow note network. This guy has an infomercial on t.v also that appears once a week. You can visit : for more details about it.
    His website is really convincing, and his fake testimonials pretty much convince people to order.
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    There is one forum dedicated to scams, you can find more people who have lost money there.

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