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  1. mandahaa

    mandahaa New Member

    Hi I am new and I need help. I purhcased PL read it gave up, got a refund. Thought about it and signed up again. I was trying to get help from Paul Archer but he stopped emailing me. I still do not know where to begin. I really wan this to work, I have so many ideas floating around in my head but I just do not know where to start. I sit here at the computer for hours and hours and go crazy when I do not understand something. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. THanks
  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Sure, I can help you. Start using blogs and promoting clickbank products, and then use free traffic generation strategies such as article marketing and social bookmarking. let me know what u need help with.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome mandahaa,
    I am not with PL but I can tell you that it is best to start with ONE method and learn it good before you start another one - if you try to do all those things at once... you will be online for hours and not accomplish a thing!

    So start with a blog as you will need a place to send people to once you get into things like articles, social bookmarking, etc...

    Hope this makes some sense...[​IMG]
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You can also make money from your blog using a paid posting service
  5. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello mandahaa,

    I am not with PL either, however I do know how you are feeling.
    It is easy to read about the next miracle method or tool.
    You need to focu, keep your eye on the target..and do not let other things get in your way.
    One good example I would like to suggest is do not go for free advertising and paid avdertising at the same time.
    Go with the free methods, and write articles, build Squidoo Lenses, Online Classifieds, etc... and just get a feel for your market or niche..until you are comfortable.
    You can spend a year or two just chasing yourself around.

    I was there not long ago until one fine day I made the decision to stick with what I had going until I was happy with the results, and then find more markets.

    If you need specific help, please feel free to PM me or ask here in the forum and I am sure you will have many helpers!
  6. mandahaa

    mandahaa New Member

    i did a blog and I tried an ezine article but enzine wont approve it. I dont know how to get started. I really want this work I really need the extra money. I want to do the affialiate marketing and I have some ideas but I do not know how to make a web page and to generate the traffic.
  7. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    ezine might not have approved it because it might have sounded too much like a sales letter. remember to include good and BAD things about your product so that it doesn't sound like you are trying to sell it. article marketing is a really good way to generate traffic, so try your article again [​IMG].
  8. mandahaa

    mandahaa New Member

    I need lots of help. Ok So I am overwhelmed with all this stuff big time. I have an keyword that I want to work with. I should do a blogg about this first right? Then go ahead and write an article. But I do not understand what happens after that? Am I suppose to have a web site about that keyword that then links to the PL website, the ones that were made for me? I don't know what I did but I was talking to that Paul Archer guy and he was going to help me but he asked me to get a refund then sign up under him. Well I did but before I tried to sign up with him I got something so screwed up where my clcik bank affiliate name replaced his or something and he stopped emailing me. I need to know if this is really worth all the time and effort, how are you doing with this product? All I want to do is to make about $1000 a month if that. I don't know what to do I want to give up all ready. Email me at if you can help me, anyone. Thanks.
  9. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    From what I have read ezine article is kind of picky. Maybe you should submit your article somewhere else. Then think about having a focus on one thing. It sounds like you are trying to do too many things at once. It will take time to get to $1000 a month especially if you are completely new to internet marketing and not tech savvy. I have the same problem myself so I'm researching, reading and taking small steps toward my goals.
    There are many of us out here in the same boat, it will take a lot of hard work and determination but it is possible to achieve the success you desire. I wish I could help more but I'm new like you.
  10. Narthil

    Narthil New Member

    Let me give you some advice on keywords, use the wordtracker free tool look for a keyword you want to use, ideally over 100 search results is fine (they are daily). Now place that keyword under quotation marks in google, if the google search results are above 10,000, that is too much competition for that keyword so don't use it.

    What I like is using keywords of around 3 words that bring in 100 daily search results in wordtracker and under 1000 search results in google when they are under quotation marks. Then use that keyword to write an article, place it in your title, then in your body 2-3 times and finally as anchor text as a link to your website, EZA is PR6 so it's easy to rank #1 in google with that article for that specific keyword, and bamm you get 100 visitors to your site from one single article, now write 20.... See a pattern?

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