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  1. Cureher

    Cureher New Member

    I have finished training, and now I am waiting to go live for C*ti, How long do you have to wait to go live when done with training? The Pals say I am going to be emailed an ID, anyone, ANYONE know how long this could take? And has anyone gone live yet? THX
  2. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    after training i took about a week to get logins, it varies, just be patient and keep checking emails. you could even call cit* pals to see if they have it to give
  3. aplina

    aplina New Member

    you could wait as Sabrina has said since she has experinces with them . there is no need to worry. know you are very excited and want to get to work.
    good luck
  4. ladyphat

    ladyphat New Member

    I need help I have gotten hired but I keep haveing trouble with the notary page can some one help me please... I filled out several pages with notary on them. and I still keep getting the same e-mail saying Our records indicate the we recieved such and such documents but the notary was unexceptable How do I set the page up and what am I daing wrong?

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