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    What do people think about Herbalife??[​IMG]
  2. makemoneyonline

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    What does this have to do with working at home?
  3. Charlescrisp

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    The previous post is from someone whose website begins like this:
    "The girl who has been scammed 27 times tells you the bluntly honest truth about the Profit Lance system. Is it another scam? Or can you actually quit your 9-5 job and tell your boss to go shove it?"

    Do you really want to take advice from someone who got scammed 27 times?! The old adage was once unfortunate but twice careless.......where does 27 rank?

    I see from your website that you are with 60 Minute Money. You have hit the jackpot!

    60MM is an ethical and professional group that really has traction in the market place. I joined 2.5 years ago and have been delighted at the rate of growth of my business. We made nearly GBP5,000 last month ( just under $ 10,000)and we see a great future.

    The ingredient that most people miss is the work ethic. You need a great work ethic and a great attitude if you are to succeed. If you have these and the 60MM system you can expect to be successful if you keep at it.

    Keep working and attending the sts. Without these you will wander off track.

    Good luck with your business.
  4. jpb1958

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    Hey makemoneyonline....easy there!!

    A question asked is a question needing answering.

    Hi franm1962
    I guess from your signature you are a Herbalife distributor?

    For those who dont know Herbalife........

    Herbalife is a MLM program. It has a number of products aimed at health. The foremost being a slimming drink. This consists of powder that you mix with fruit juice. It is not like 'slimfast'. Slimfast is made with milk. In some cases this can make you feel ill after a while because of the lactose that is present in the milk, you can become 'lactose intolerant'. Hebalife is made with fruit/fruit juice.

    I have tried the herbalife product and I found that I lost weight but also found that I was hungry a lot of the time.

    Herbalife is also a MLM company. Which means that you are dealing in Uplines and Downlines. Basically, you enroll people into the program and you earn income based on a percentage of their sales.

    There is a herbalife program in which you pay a few hundred pounds to get started and is internet based but I am not too sure of the details. In fact, the first contact I had with the business was when I replied to an advert on the web and received a phone call.

    Being a MLM business it is a work form home program. As you can tell I looked hard at this business but decided it wasnt for me. Why?.....it felt like too much of a hit and miss affair because of the reliance on the efforts of others. However there are people earning a living from it.

    Herbalife has also had its critics in the past. It is a few years now since I took an interest so what the critisism is like now , I do not know.

    Google 'Herbalife distributors uk' or what ever part of the world you come from and you should find someone near you to whom you can call for information.

    There is lots more to it but this is the basics.....

  5. Global

    Global New Member

    Good day,

    Just expect to be buying allot of product upfront to be a living testimonial and then to market.

    It isn't as easy as they make it out to be.

    I met Mark Hughes a long time ago.
  6. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    I use herbalife but wont sell it there at way to many distributors already and they are milking it for all they can. The products are great but I would rather just buy then have to get downline ect. Plus its MLM. MLm I have lost way to much money in. I lost over $4000 in biochoice and never made a penny after a year. All I have left now is a coffee cup to show for it. One heck of an expensive coffee cup.

  7. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Its a solid company, though, and there's a big market of
    people who want weight-loss products.

    Some Herbalife distribution systems on the net are extremely
    evasive about the fact that they are promoting the HL
    opportunity. Herbalife has been criticized for teaching
    outdated marketing techniques like traying to recruit
    everybody you know.

    I think HL has been a bit damaged, like Amway,
    by irresponsible distributors marketing in an unprofessional

    Still, a real solid, established MLM for people who want to
    go with a proven horse.
  8. Thecandlelady

    Thecandlelady New Member

    I don't really know how Herbalife is doing business now, but I know in the past (11 yrs ago) I almost got involved in Herbalife. I felt as though they were using "trickery" to get people involved, because they send me a booklet which did not really reveal any information, but when I called the number, I was told it would cost me $30 to receive the "information kit." He wouldn't give me any more information, but told me it was refundable if I didn't like the program. This consisted of a tape, and some samples. This is when I realized it was Herbalife. At that time they had the "green & beige" supplements, which the distributer gave me as a sample, and I was up for 2 days. I personally prefer to do business in a straightforward manner, rather than being sneaky, which is what I felt they were doing, but then again, I took the bait so it's my fault just as much as theirs.
  9. TopMentor

    TopMentor New Member

    Herbalife is a well established MLM company. The only thing that I don't like about Herbalife is that it markets similar products to what so many other MLM companies are selling... example is vitamins and weight loss products. While Herbalife has some great products, how do you sell all the competition that your products are better than Usana's, Amway, Reliv, Mannatech, etc.?

    Herbalife can be done, but be prepared to have to have 150 or so people in your group before you see a check of $1000/month. If you are doing MLM, there are better companies out there in my opinion.

    Best Wishes,
  10. Casper

    Casper New Member

    I am not able too work due too disability & other health issues but I still wanted too create a little bit of extra income working from home, I logged on too a job search website here in Australia & I typed in work from home I entered my details into as many adds as possible as I wanted too research several different business opportunities. The calls started coming in thick & fast & at one point I was dealing with 3 different people from Herbal Life who wanted too sign me up but thankfully I was wise and didn't sign up too this program as I had a friend who tried Herbal Life.

    My friend was having too constantly do the big sales pitch too people mainly face too face & call people just too try & keep the business viable & in the end she quit because she was spending more time outside the home which was not the idea in the first place, The funny thing is that they said in their adds that you don't have too harass or call anyone too make the business viable which is a total load of garbage this company is also robbing people of money just so they can find out about the business. If you want too get into a business you should not have too pay about $48.00 just so you can find out about a business as far as I'm concerned that's totally un-ethical & they are so stingy they don't even give you the full re-fund because they make you pay postage.
  11. tlaloc06

    tlaloc06 New Member

    the problem is not just herbalife but the mlm industry in general everybody who start this business don't know anything about sales or marketing the secret of this business is not the product , or the compensation plan , but the ability to move the product

    your business is not selling vitamins or shakes your business is marketing , because marketin move and sale your product

    you must how to write a sales letter ,an add jus look a the big companies like coca cola and mc donnals they are not on the streets house by house trying to sale you their products annoying you with sales pitch

    they create a sales strategy

    they focus on a target market , to whom they are going to direct their advertising

    what age and sex and also they don't sale you a soft drink they sale you refreshing sensation and the sensation of been sexy

    you see the difference ?

    another thing , people join and follow people who are leaders , so in order to recruit people in to your business you have to be an alfa person

    what is an alfa person ?

    an alfa person is somebody who transmit confidence some one who know how to do stuff some body successful so people ask them to be accepted in their circle or group

    an alfa person NEVER ask anybody to join them

    so... if you are a person who don't like sales you are in the wrong business

    let me tell you something I learn


    they want to lose weight you have the solution , so market your solution to that specific target market and let them come to you
  12. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Herbalife has been around forever and they stand on solid ground. Funny thing is, I don't even know anyone that markets Herbalife. People say it is saturated but I'm not so sure. In addition to promoting supplements they need to promote exercise, it is the fountain of youth.
  13. jjdjt4

    jjdjt4 New Member

    I was involved with Herbalife, too. I think that Michael O Johnson has done great things for Herbalife - and is taking great strides to uplift the reputation of the company name and the reputation of MLM's in general. As with every giant company, their reputation really rests on the personal words spoken from each individual distributor.

    With Herbalife being a big hitter in the Nutritional Supplement world, there are still many independent distributos who, probably in their innocence and enthusiasm, tout unrealistic expectations. This then can give the whole company - ANY company - a big disadvantage in the marketplace.

    Herbalife sponsors some great athletes - David Beckham and the whole LA Galaxy Soccor Team which is great for them. Also, Townsend Bell - the Indy Race driver who came in 4th at the Indy 500 this 2009 year. They also sponsor the USA National Youth Soccer Organization as well as many, many athletes and teams worldwide. Michael O Johnson has done this.

    I do think that the teams that are available to join still use old, outdated marketing tactics. The big money makers have been involved with Herbalife for 7-10 years or more, and Direct Sales has evolved so much since then - so their old ways of making it big are not as successful today as they once were - so the new recruit is given old, outdated tactics and told that "Success Leaves Tracks, Do What I Did..." While this is generally good advice, I believe in some instances - this is not necessarily true.

    Just in case you are curious why I am not in Herbalife anymore... I was actually yelled at by my sponsor/mentor. Yelled at like I was a small child - for having a dip in Volume Points one month and "screwing her" (her words, not mine) out of her next step promotion up the comp. plan. I was so stunned and speechless.

    I certainly realize that people are people - and all are individuals at that. But, for me - - life's too short for that kind of bunk. I could not change who my sponsor/mentor was - and did not have a choice when joining... It really hurt my feelings and broke my spirit for the products and the company in general.

    Too bad, I think, for Herbalife as a whole because I am certainly smart enough to know that the company of Herbalife had nothing to do with the way my particular sponsor/mentor acts/reacts. For me, as an individual, too, and a real person, too, - I wrote that off as "Wow, that was an interesting experience." One that I certainly will not, and have not repeated. Like I said, Life is too short to put up with that kind of stuff. So, I sold my products and left Herbalife and simply moved on...
  14. Antares

    Antares New Member

    Check Herbalife at Wikipedia


    plus google for Herbalife scam etc

    and you'll note it's history.I'll allow you to come to your own judgement but there does seem an awful lot of discontent out there.

    If a Company or it's staff have a history of a lot of lawsuits you cannot just pretend the litigants are just trying it on.
    Remember you are seeling powder/pills as a weight loss product so you are in the firing line if they become ill and it's becoming a very litigious society so at least get some insurance.Will the Company pay your legal fees if the person becomes ill and sues?
    Note the cases in Israel.

    You have to be able to recruit 100's of successful distributors otherwise you'll find it hard to shift the product and make a living because the basic commisssion is too low.For a higher commisssion you soon work out you have to buy about ??2000 worth of stock which will probably stay in your garage.Check out ebay and see how many people are dumping their stock below the RRP which is clearly not allowed but presumably these people don't care since they need to get their money one way or the other.
    Kleeneze is presumably easier since you're just dumping catalogues and then coming back for the orders.
  15. MickProvel

    MickProvel New Member

    Their is better quality products out there and the compensation plan isn't all that great either.
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    It is just like any other network marketing opportunity out there.

    It is a great way to supplement your income within 1-5 years.

    This company is yet another winner just like others out there.

  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Nearly all of the nutritional focused companies work best for people that have a love for the products unless you are some recruiting guru. People share what they love, and thus Herbalife, and related others have thrived.

    Now if you are looking for an opportunity with a primarily goal of making money then nutritional opportunities don't tend to have the
    ideal comp plans for that, this is why there is a great focus on the product.

    If you have a love for the product then you order and order and order. That's why there's a psych game in the nutritional mlm's that many think needs to apply to all mlm's that you must love the product or have some great product.

    McDonald's makes the most money in the burger chain fast food industry because they have the most outlets, not the best burgers.

    A decent product is all you need, the ideal is to make money, last I checked if you are in that business to generating income. If that's the case there are certainly better opportunities for doing that with out all the upfront cost and autoship fees to load you up on products that you may not need at the time of ordering, but still pay the same or better in monthly residual income.
  18. Antares

    Antares New Member


    I agree with the posts but people need to research the Company carefully especially for lawsuits and whether the directors have a great business record and are the various phd' sMBAs true and relevant.
    Herbie particularly has a lot of raah rah conventions which are costly for the newbie and like Amway have been accused of the top rated distributors making money by organising seminars and charging monthly fees for cloned websites.
  19. dslavinski

    dslavinski New Member

    Herbalife is a legit business but you have to lookout for who you join with. An old coworker of mine ordered her package to saell herbalife and all she got was a DVD telling here the stories of how 15 people have become millionaires using herbalife, she never got anything else and is still working a regular 9-5 job.
  20. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    Herbalife is been around for a long time and I am sure they will continue to stay around. I would choose a proven company that has been around instead of some new start up that might fold in the first year. Find your passion and go for it.

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