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Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by oregoncountry, May 4, 2009.

  1. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    I am "back in the saddle" so to speak. I have had a lot of trouble with writers block I guess you could call it. I so want to do affiliate marketing but just couldn't narrow anything down as to "what" to market, duhhhhhh! So this a.m. I just created a new blog and started writing about me. What the heck! I figure as I go, I can insert some links to affiliate sites and possibly make some dough. For me, I think it might "fly" this way rather than the "right" way, LOL!! So you are welcome to visit my blog and hope you enjoy. It's really not going to try to sell anyone anything right now, so don't be afraid, LOL!

    Hope everyone is doing good today and if there be anyone else like me, maybe this might help, knowing that maybe "following" all the rules doesn't work for every one of us[​IMG]

    Denise in Sams Valley OR

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  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hey Denise - I know what you are talking about... I have those moments as well.

    I finally - after weeks of thinking, pondering, researching - have decided on the niche to do my new SBI site on. I knew I had to choose a topic I could write on for months to come... and I am having a blast with it now... [​IMG]

    I love your blog. [​IMG]
  3. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    Oh thank MM[​IMG] Im glad you enjoyed it[​IMG] After I actually earn some money, I will do some upgrades/improvements[​IMG] If I can just sort of "get my foot in the door" then it could lead on to better things! I am glad to be back here being "open" with what's going on with me as I get so much wonderful feedback[​IMG]

    Thank you again and so very glad to hear you are doing great!! Gives me encouragment to keep on keepin on[​IMG]
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    oregoncountry: I so want to do affiliate marketing but just couldn't narrow anything down as to "what" to market, duhhhhhh!
    The narrowing down part can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are picky. Stepping away and doing something else in the meanwhile, like your blog, can take the pressure off. When you least expect it, inspiration will strike, and... Voil? !

    By the way, your blog is an interesting read. You have a wonderful sense of humor.

  5. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    thank you hermas, good to see you! Yep, that is what I am hoping. That as I go, I can add on different links etc. I am working on something as we speak. I want to "for sure" get the referral links up to my paid survey sites. I don't have many, just a couple that actually have links I can use. Anyway, back to the rock-pile, lol!!!
  6. clawrence

    clawrence New Member

    I like the blog. I just started my own business, both a writing service and a MLM, after I was laid off in January. I got tired of people controlling my future. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just be honest and be yourself. Congrats on the blog and good luck!!

  7. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    thank you Carolyn, yes, I am now having fun with what I am doing and if it pays money too, well, that will be icing on the cake. I am searching for some ways to monetize the blog. I have adsense on there now which so far, I am not that please with the ads but I think there is a way I can "choose" what I want to have in the ads. Im checking into it. Also, trying to figure how to get my adsense to "blend" with my blog background is not easy but what I want to do. Working on matching a "watermarked" stationary background. That "tan" in my blog, is really hard to find. If you have any ideas, would so appreciate your input. Best wishes with your biz and write me anytime[​IMG]
  8. clawrence

    clawrence New Member

    I just realized that I chose the background as you! I'm switching my blog back to blogger (because wordpress doesn't allow side ads), and I chose the same one! I didn't think about that the other day when I was doing it. Ha!

    great minds, right?
  9. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    Thats no biggie!! Blogger doesn't have that many to chose from. I am trying to work on some custom backgrounds today. I will list them on my blog if I get a few together. You might want to look at them. Im thinking eventually I might have a blog just on backgrounds I've created and sell them but not these[​IMG] See you bro, denise[​IMG]
  10. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I have found that if you google any thing on your blog that interests you and type in affiliate after it, the possiblilities are limitless.

    Every thing seems to have some sort of affiliate program.
  11. oregoncountry

    oregoncountry Member

    farout you smart cookie!!!!!!! Woohoo, I'll try it! I did write some today on my country life blog. The garden one is no where near ready[​IMG] See you soon! denise[​IMG]

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