High Ticket Products - The Magic Formula

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by xhoni, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. xhoni

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    What if I can tell you that there is a magic formula??

    The magic formula to success online is selling High Ticket Products. Why?

    I want to make this clear for you, If you start selling an e-book online for 10$ and your goal is to make 10 000$ per month, you actually need to sell 1000 e-books per month, that means 33 e-books per day, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    What if you start selling products up to 11 000$ and even more? let me formulate the question, What if you one day get up in the morning receiving an e-mail that says ” You Just made 5000$ in commissions” ?? I know…

    High ticket products is the best way to speed up the process to success online and believe me this concept will help you tremendously to make your first 6 figure income online.

    I consider myself lucky to be able to sell products up to 41 000$ and earn incredible commissions, You may be asking ” How can someone buy such as expensive products ” ? People are prepared to pay for knowledge and speed. If you can show them how to get great results online in 6 months instead than in 3 years, they are are gonna pay you more, and if you show them how to make 100 000$ by selling them a 11 000$ product, they are gonna come back e buy again from you.
    Have an awesome day...
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  2. Martin1977

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    You have right. Just have to find these people who hungry for that products.
  3. dmhuan

    dmhuan New Member

    You would need extreme trust from the people "hungry for that product(s)", since something high in price doesn't necessarily guarantee high quality. You'll have to promise them the bright future with the product, since it looks like life changer
  4. talfighel

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    I used to think that you can not make money from high ticket products cause back in 2009 when I was introduced to it, I did not get any sales from it. I did make money from regular affiliate products that earned me $20-$50 per sale.

    Then in 2014 or so, I was promoting this product and someone decided to buy a $500 course (In the upsells) and it earned me $500 so I was hooked since then that you CAN make money from high ticket products.

    It is as easy to make a $1,000 commission as it is to make a $30.

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