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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by jobvisa, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. jobvisa

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    Home based career building on medical transcription was popular in USA over a long period.Now with the change of pattern and cruelty of disease it has been popular in third world countries particularly those are emerging as a new economic power.You can expose your skill and ability sitting in your home.It is an excellent career option for women particularly capable house wife and moms.They can apply their knowedge of english and basic computer literacy using home P.C with internet connection.Some of the reputed hospitals and health care institutes are providing basic training to do the jobs as per their requirements.No difficulties for getting the remuneration because they are arranging your financial envelope for every assignments.It is not only an income avenue but also sevice towards patients for recovering from painful diseases and in the long run you will be blesed by god Himself.

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    Julio saltos

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  2. jobinfoway

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    pls tell me how can i get MT jobs. i wait for reply.pls answer soon.
  3. beccala

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    I see listings for MTs on this site all the time: http://www.at-homeworks.com. This is a nice site - good legit job listings once a week.
  4. SusieW

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    http://www.worldwideworkathome.com/medicaltranscription.html has a pretty extensive list of places who hire MTs. However, as far as I know, you do need experience with all of them. If you know the terminology, sometimes you can start building that experience through the freelance sites like Guru and Elance.

    If you're just getting started, you might want to try general transcription to make sure you like the work. There are several companies who'll hire you for that without experience.

    Best of luck!

    Full-time Pajama Addict and Home Transcriber
  5. pcwork

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    If you dont have the experience and training for medical transcription, you can apply for general transcription jobs
  6. drgirish10

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    i am inerested working at home.i am a homoeopathic doctor & i dont have any experience in MT.
  7. miggy12

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    Hi Susie and pcwork!

    I have wanted to do transcription but never found where to look for available jobs. I don't know how to use those freelance sites and was wondering if you had a link to companies hiring someone with very little experience. I started out with the MTec course, but had to stop because I ran out of time and didn't want to pay any extension fees (I got pregnant and didn't have the energy to climb those stairs to go to my computer and study.) I also went to tigerfish and downloaded the transcriber and didn't know how to work it.

    Anyway, any information would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  8. pcwork

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    MTJobs is good and some companies are listed on the site in my signature
  9. mummala

    mummala New Member

    does anyone know of any good general transcription jobs to do from home? i do not have experince but would like to gain some through general transcription
  10. pcwork

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    There are a few companies like Mountain West, Accutran who hire for general transcriptionist even if you do not have experience
  11. Marktech

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    I heard you have to be careful about some of those companies who want to charge you to train for this type of work. I'm not saying they're all scams...just be careful.
  12. Cheryl

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  13. nancycarolcss

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    Thanks Cheryl for all the sites hiring mt's! I am a student at the moment, but I will be graduating in the near future. I know that I will be well prepared for any mt job, since the school I am attending is the best and is completely preparing me for my future. I am looking forward to doing something that I love and is also profitable and can be done at home or by commuting!
  14. EmilyJames

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    Do you trust these sites. There are so many bogus sites out there.
  15. Claire

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    If you want to be a medical transcriptionist, you are suppose to go to a school. It doesn't take a long time. It's not necessary to go to college, just one of those trade schools. You can get a government grant if you qualify. The school has you do an internship of sorts.
    You may have to work for lower pay until you have enough experience.
    My husband is a Medical Transcriptionist. There is terminology to learn etc.. and how to use the equipment, of course.
    Other types of transcription are probably easier.
  16. Jean LA

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    This is also a great way to earn big from home. Thanks for the advise.
  17. RashmiP

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    A quality transcription requires a transcriptionist to have excellent listening skills, because they need to simultaneously interpret dictation while typing, also they must have knowledge of English grammar, proofreading and editing skill as well as knowledge on transcription equipments and the use of computer.

    For this, it will be better if you enroll yourself in an online course. You will find many online transcription certification courses available.Though it is not manadatory, still a certification course will boost your confidence.

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