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    Greetings all,

    I am a third year Business Studies student at Nottingham Trent University, and for my dissertation I am researching home-based working. This piece of research is looking what factors and how they influence the success of home-based working, given my interest in the topic and my previous experience as a home-based worker, in which I may enter discussions on this forum in the future, so hello to all the current members. Also, through in-depth analysis the significance of these factors will be found, leading to new research findings, providing a stepping stone for future research, which will hopefully improve the experiences of home-based working for various parties. Therefore, as home-based working forums form a significant percentage of the final sample I am requesting if any home-based workers could kindly fill in a survey based on their experiences of home-based working now or at a more convenient time if possible. Any responses that are received are appreciated greatly. Although a URL link to the survey is provided in my signature and home page, I would not want this to be considered as spam, an advertisement or a self-promoting post, as I will post the research findings on this forum at a later date, and give anyone a copy of the final dissertation if anyone is interested as I am sure that these findings will be of interest to many members, and will be used as a discussion point in this forum. If this is considered as spam or if this is posted in the wrong forum, then full apologies are given in advance.

    This survey contains 74 questions, and although it looks like a long questionnaire, it has been tested by 3 other home-based workers and it had taken each of them approximately 15 minutes to complete. There are 6 sections in total and once each section is completed, please select the next button to enter the next section. When you have finished the survey please select the done button. Furthermore, most of the questions have been designed so you just need to tick the circle or box(es) that most appropriately matches your experience in order to respond to the survey. It is also requested that you should respond to all of the questions, and if there are any questions that may not apply to your experiences, then the N/A or equivalent option should be used. Also, if you are not currently working from home then can you please refer to your last home-based occupation when responding to the survey. Any responses will be kept confidential and anonymous regarding the final dissertation and beyond.

    If you have any queries, additional information regarding the survey or if you to discuss anything in any detail, then please do not hesitate sending me a personal message.

    Thank you for your help and with the kindest regards, I hope that you enjoy participating in this survey and I am looking forward to get back in touch with you soon,

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