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  1. beetlebeggs

    beetlebeggs New Member

    Is anyone currently involved with the Home Income Alliance?


    I came across this opportunity today and was about to join but there is a no refund policy so I came here to make sure it's worth the investment. I tried doing some reseach and it seemed legit.

    Any information would highly be appreciated!
  2. Rubytube55

    Rubytube55 New Member

    I've been in the Home Income Alliance for about a month now, I can honestly it's the best program I have every come across to produce an income for myself online.

    Their training is top notch, the compinsation plan - amazing!

    It all comes down to what "YOU" really want in life. The people that join and put in the effort are the ones that actually produce an income. The people that are lazy and want everything handed to them will never earn an income.

    Lemme know if you had any specific questions about the Home Income Alliance.
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  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    When venturing into any business opportunity the one thing you want to analyze is the marketing strategy for success. No only are looking for training but you are looking to make sure that you are able to effectively engage in the marketing strategy to have a chance at being successful and making money. Regardless of whatever else excites you about the business, it comes down to the marketing success strategy.
  4. Rubytube55

    Rubytube55 New Member

    Thats one of the reasons I LOVE the Home Income Alliance! They actually have a vested interest in my success and the back office is full of different detailed marketing strategys.

    I really enjoy the weekly live training classes.

    I'm learning, applying, seeing results, building my new business and my income. It fells great to offer a biz opp that I beleive can work for everyone, even beginners.[​IMG]
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  5. kyrash

    kyrash New Member

    Personally any program that fails to spell out the refund policy these days i just stay away. But thats me...cheers
  6. Rubytube55

    Rubytube55 New Member

  7. gunner1711

    gunner1711 New Member

    hi, i have tried many of these homeincomealliance websites i have found that if there not a refund policy then there something suspect going on .i do alot of online business one of the best is to go with what you can do i am a paid blogger and i get a fair income from it there a signiture on this message its not saying do it it just saying thats what different things out there [​IMG] try it
  8. aaramire

    aaramire New Member

    the home income alliance was formerly known as the independent profit center or IPC. I belonged to that program and set everything up. Unfortunately back then it was 200 dollars to get people to join. So I set it up and never got a sale.

    All previous IPC members were moved to the home income alliance. So I'm a part of this program too. At this time I'm stretched thin with what I am promoting so I havent really looked into how the program has evolved.
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  9. acosjo

    acosjo New Member

    I am currently promoting Home Income Alliance.

    To address the issue regarding the "no refund policy". That policy is in force because immediately upon purchase, you have access to the downloadable products.

    This is to prevent any sort of situation where people are purchasing the program simply to download the products, then say they would like a refund because they are not going to promote the business (not just in this case, but any direct sale business with downloadable products). There is no way the program can regulate this, so to make things clear cut, no questions, there is a no refund policy.

    As far as the business goes, this is a legitimate direct sale opportunity, but like any online business, work is involved. Almost 10/10 times a person failing in any online business is because they don't do the work. Plain and simple. I've seen it so many times. You can have the best opportunity, compensation plan, training, but it isn't going to matter if the person does nothing with it.

    As far as the organization goes, there isn't a business I would rather promote other than Dan Miller's. I know what they bring to the table as far as training, support, back office. There isn't a better back office in my opinion that is better as far as organization (layout), content (marketing techniques, step-by-step videos), etc.

    I trust that helps and answers your questions somewhat.

    Take care.

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