Hoofing it... any suggestions (or advice NOT to) market locally?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by carrief, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. carrief

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    I am NEW to marketing for myself, and am thinking of tactics. INTERNET is obviously the best way to cover the most ground EVRYWHERE. But does anyone do local as well? I am with a sort of MLM, I like their struture a lot, and I am looking for customers AND also new business builders. I LOVE the product line I represent a LOT and want to tell people about it as well as the business opportunity but am finding that the people who I tell about the products seem a little freaked out about the business opportunity. I need to give them all the info though. CAN I advertise the products and present the business opportunity without making the company seem "weird" to people who just want the products? Am I presenting wrong?

    As far as the products go, I am interested in marketing to the yoga/crunchy crowd, as I sort of belong to that group. Any experiences approaching local businesses to see if you can post flyers/cards to public boards (NOT asking them to advertise for you!) I'm very nervous about flat out "soliciting" - I am not attempting to do this and don't want to seem like I am. Although maybe I am.

    Looking for any comments from the experienced pros here on talking to people locally, face to face, or if you've found it to be a waste. I am very interetsed in having valuable relationships with the people I am marketing to!

  2. mountainmom5

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    Welcome Carrie - I personally do mostly online marketing but have also done face to face and I have received a ton of training on that thru Dani Johnson. She has a free website at workathomeprofitzone.com that you can sign up for and listen to her training - I think you'll like it...[​IMG]
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    I agree with mountainmom5. Dani Johnson is a great place to go. I think it will be very helpful to you. I went to a Three Steps To Success with her in Chicago and I haven't been the same since.


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