Hopelessy Lost!!! Looking for legitimate ways to make $$ online

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Cagedblu, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Cagedblu

    Cagedblu New Member

    Hello there.

    My name is CT. I am 34 yrs old. ........... I really dont know how to go about starting this here or what to say........ I guess I will start by telling a little about myself and then tell you why Im here.

    At age 28 I discovered that I have a number of disorders and a condition in which make my life very interesting. Yet, very difficult to live a normal day to day life. I have been to counselor after counselor. Taken their meds. And, today, 6 years later I am no better off knowing about my issues then I was before.

    I still cannot work a normal day to day job. My disorders and condition make life very hard to function and all I wish to do is be self suffcient. I am 34 years old and I have desired for so long to be able to, if nothing else, put food on my table and pay my bills.

    Yet, over the years. All I have been able to do is go from one dead end job to the next. In constant worry about where Im gonna find my next job. I have either got fired due to not being able to perform my duties correctly or I have to quit due to not being able to handle my issues when they arise on the job.

    So, here I sit. Unemployed and lost. .... Im not looking for pitty here. Im not writing this looking for someone to feel sorry for me in anyway shape or form. Im here just giving some background as to why Im writing this post.

    I have spent many days/weeks online looking for ways I, myself, could be able to make a living working for myself with a online business. However, like so many people before me, all I have found are scam after scam. Which has left me with very little hope of ever being able to fulfill my desire to be self sufficient.

    Im hoping this is not long shot. Yet, is there anyone out there that can recommend, help, or point me in the right direction as to what is a legitimate online way to make money from ones own home. I cannot work and I need to find something I can do from my home to be able to support myself.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this posting and I wish you all have a great and wonderful day.

    Thank you
  2. jhoecannon

    jhoecannon New Member

    You can make money online, but it takes time. Don't listen to the stories about making it rich overnight. It takes a lot of studying and perseverance.

    For free courses, study the ThirtyDayChallenge.com, Affilorama.com, TrafficTravis.com, and BumMarketingMethod.com.

    Learn and practice. Profits will follow.

    Best of luck!
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is no shortage of legitimate opportunities. However there is a shortage of people's dedication and commitment to succeeding. Too many want to achieve success in the home business opportunity arena with a lotto ticket win. Just not going to happen.

    Pretty much any business, especially ones that are a couple hundred or less you can make money with if you plug into a consistent marketing strategy for success. Use online tactics and well as offline tactics and do it consistently and you can make consistent money.

    If we all could just "jump in" and make a few hundred to a few thousand a day, week, or month, etc. We'd "all" be doing it. I've achieved success with steadiness and consistency in marketing my business opportunities and I don't do anything special so I know others can do the same.

    It is probably also ideal to have some cash flow coming in form somewhere else that will give you a marketing budget. Too many people are failing because they don't budget to succeed, and think one ad campaign is suppose to make it all work. Budget to succeed by allow yourself to be able to consistently market to bring quality traffic to your website. Use free and paid marketing for maximum results.
  4. happygal

    happygal Member

    First of all, I am so sorry to hear all you have been through. I hope things look up for you soon.

    Yes, there are things you can do to make money online. But a better place to start is probably to ask you what you LIKE to do. If you can identify that it will help you focus on what you can do that helps you earn money while doing it.
  5. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hello CT - my heart goes out to you and here is a link with some easy to understand information on making money on the internet - just click on the link below...

    What IS Affiliate Marketing??

    Good luck![​IMG]
  6. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello CT,
    I am sorry to hear you have struggled.
    It just takes time to weed out the opportunities.

    If I can help, please let me know!
  7. shoalinagent

    shoalinagent New Member


    I know how you feel, I am a tradesman painter with 2 kids at home and no houses to paint. I started scouring the internet about a month ago, searching through the seemingly endless plethora of ads that promised this if I only clicked that and so on. You have made the right choice to go to forums and get some decent advice, and while I'm a newbie to the online money making oppurtunies, I can say that yes indeed it can be done. What I learned from years of labouring was if the crew were unhappy, there was little productivity. I would highly reccommend that you familiarise yourself with social networks and the like. Start making friends, lots of them! It may sound irrelevant, but if you have a group of friends with the same desires you have, and you all work to help each other, any online strategies you undertake will be much much simpler. For instance if you are in an MLM arrangement or something simular, your network of friends will all help each other to grow immensely! And in my opinion, a network of friends that want each other to attain financial freedom is much better than a downline full of 'recruits'. I wish you all the best for the future, never be discouraged! Always remember things can only get better! You CAN do it. [​IMG]
  8. John Park

    John Park New Member

    This is an Internet Marketing system that is free to join. You can go there and learn about internet marketing. They have live trained as well as recorded training. You can also use the system to generate leads. They also have an e-mail marketing system. It's a top notch system. Personally I love the system. Here's the link: Veretekk. Just to let you know this is not an affiliate link. Let me know ifI can help.
  9. tandre

    tandre New Member


    Don't lose hope! There are ways of doing it. You need a system to get you started and provide some structured, step by step learning. One of the great systems out there that you may have heard of is the My Online Income System or MOIS by Kim Hoffman. This is an online course in internet marketing and it is well supported and complete. There are others out there also and you try a paid survey site to supplement for you while you get started.

    Good Luck and keep coming back to this forum!
  10. krazyladyplz

    krazyladyplz New Member

    There is no easy answer to your question. There is no one opportunity that will start making you money right away, at least not consistently.

    Jhoecannon is right, it does not happen overnight.

    If you have the time, you might try the PTC (Paid to Click) or PTR (Paid to Read) sites that pay you for reading ads or emails, these are usually sites that pay you 1 or 2 cents per email or ad. Escalating.Biz by Margaret Albright is a good starter, shows you how to earn working capital with zero cost to you. It's not alot of money maybe $20-$40 per month. But I will be truthful with you, you really have to like reading ads and emails, alot of them. It doesn't cost you anything and you get to see what PTC sites are all about.
  11. yasser

    yasser New Member

    Cagedblu: Im hoping this is not long shot. Yet, is there anyone out there that can recommend, help, or point me in the right direction as to what is a legitimate online way to make money
    from ones own home. I cannot work and I need to find something I can do from my home to be able to support myself.
    as a newbie you will face lot of websites and companies which promise you wealth overnight. Simply ignore them. Making money online requires hard work exactly as any offline job. I recommend selling on ebay for beginners because ebay is a well trusted and scam free company, its business model is easy to understand and to apply and anyone with average experience can work at home selling on ebay.
  12. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    Be prepared to spend a little money to make money. If you find the right program, stick with it. Make sure it's the right program.
  13. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    jhoecannon: For free courses, study the ThirtyDayChallenge.com, Affilorama.com, TrafficTravis.com, and BumMarketingMethod.com.
    I have heard of these programs and found good reviews and experiences about them. Cagedblu should try this.
  14. bmurray5

    bmurray5 New Member

    Hi CT. What interests you? There are many different directions you could go in. All the advice in the world means nothing if you can't enjoy what you do. What does your ideal day look like? Think about that and narrow the field.

    If you aren't sure what to do, don't do anything. When you are sure, take action.

    Good Luck...
  15. jennifermichael

    jennifermichael New Member

    Hi CT: You're not alone in your struggles. I've got chronic health problems that limite my functionality. I've been working from home for over 10 years.

    I started by looking into open positions in my community such as admin assistants, etc. I would submit a resume outlining my education and experience. I would provide a cover letter discussing how I would be a benefit to the company. If I got called for an interview, I would go in and propose that the position be a work from home opportunity. It almost completely eliminates the company's overhead. This worked in several cases and the positions became consulting positions for me.

    Additionally, I have experience providing transcription. If you can type well and can listen to audio and type it - you may want to look into it. It's not limited to medical transcription, which requires very specific knowledge. There are millions of clients out there needing general transcription of sales calls, dictation, interviews, etc in many industries. You can get jobs as an independent contractor with many companies as a transcriptionist.

    There are also quite a few websites out there that that you can sign up with to provide services to a variety of individuals and companies. I don't know if I can mention specific sites here - but run a search and look into the valid websites on which you can sign up to provide different services. You can provide anything including admin services, writing, web design, data entry and more.

    I wish you the very best. This can be done. Hang in there - there are many folks who have worked hard to make it happen.


  16. LHinkle

    LHinkle New Member

    Hi Ct, I'm new here at this forum to but I'm not new to making money online it does take time to find a legitimate way to make money don't believe every thing you read and you want to make sure to do plenty of research before starting out doing anything.

    It is attainable though due to health issues I can't go out and work a job either so I know where you are coming from they say when one door closes another one opens! Good luck


  17. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member

    As you have found there are many ways to make money online, what you have to do is find something that suits you, you have to have a passion for what you are doing, otherwise it will not work out. Be sure to get a company with great training and support. Take Care
  18. 1life1fire

    1life1fire New Member

    Hopefully some of these members posts above have helped you out in some way... you posted your message on Nov. 24, 2009 ... and you haven't replied to anyone one of these people... Did you make your millions and just leave us in the dust?? LOL[​IMG]

    Working online is definitely a new skill that has to be developed just like any other "job".

    Hope it's going well for you!
  19. OnlineIncome

    OnlineIncome New Member

    There are many different ways/techniques to earn money online. Some of them require upfront investment and some do not. Either way you will have to find a way to promote the programs you get involved in to make more money for yourself. The better you can market your products the more successful you will be.
  20. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    1life1fire: Did you make your millions and just leave us in the dust??
    I was wondering too... but then it happens all the time - folks stop in and ask for help then disappear.

    Nice thing about it though, is that lots of others can learn from their questions.[​IMG]

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