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  1. nk430

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    I find linux servers to be the best when it comes to site balancing.
    I used to use powweb but their 99.9% reliablility apparently doesn't exist, not in my case anyways.

    As far as web content management, I prefer Plesk over cpanel.
    Plesk seems to be a little more advanced, but it's streamlines and easy to use once you get the hang of it. Usually when you choose your webhost they give you a choice.

    Be sure to search google for 'cpanel' and 'plesk' to preview them before you make a final decision.

    There are a couple others, may'be a few I havn't tried. So if anyone has any other resources, let everyone know.

    I still use the same old php as well, but plesk offers many advanced functions that cpanel and plain ftp dont offer

    Thanks Guys
  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan New Member

    I've only ever had experience with Cpanel, but I like what I see. It's easy to use and access, even if it is a tad expensive for what it is (WHM/Cpanel is roughly $20 a month, and a lifetime license is $1100).

    Linux servers are also the cheapest (for obvious reasons) when compared against their Windows counterparts and are pretty stable.

    Do you have any reccommended server datacenters?

  3. PolskaSurf

    PolskaSurf New Member

    check out, seriously the best hosting in the world. the only host that will guarantee your site will be on google within 6 weeks! [​IMG]
  4. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Quoting: PolskaSurfthe only host that will guarantee your site will be on google within 6 weeks!

    I think only good backlinks and good contents will be indexed by google with a short period, probably not with host...
  5. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge New Member

    Microsoft is offering to give you a free domain if you signup for Microsoft
    Office Live Basics Beta (

    The only catch is, there is no technical support once you get a domain.
  6. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    This all confuses me, I just used weebly
  7. BeInProfitMode

    BeInProfitMode New Member

    cupbucket: his all confuses me, I just used weebly

    Me too. hehe
  8. amarz

    amarz Guest

    I believe yahoo is hosting for websites now. [​IMG]

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