How can sub domain can create?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by kgloh23, May 23, 2009.

  1. kgloh23

    kgloh23 New Member

    If I have domain name of
    do anyone can teach me how
    is this call sub domain name?
  2. tygersclaw

    tygersclaw New Member

    Actually the format you have is not a subdomain, but instead is a folder. A subdomain will commonly show as a URL like http://subdomain.domain.tld (tld means Top Level Domain)

    In CPanel and Direct Admin (DA is the Control Panel I use on my servers) you can create a Subdomain in the Control Panel.
  3. yahia

    yahia Member

    No Loh, it is not a subdomain, it just a page. If you have the forward slash after "thankyou/" then it is a folder.

    Do you have hosting for your domain yet? If yes, find your file manager in the cpanel and use it to create this new file or folder. If not, create the file or the folder on your computer and upload it to your host using an "FTP" program. Filezella is my favorite FTP and it works on any computer.

    A subdomain will look like this:

    Again if you have a hosting for your domain check your hosting cpanel for "domain manager" or something like that. It is self explanatory once you are there.
  4. Seth

    Seth New Member is not a subdomain ..

    subdomain looks something like this -

    if you want to create a new html page for your main domain simply put the ext. .html at the end of the file name.. i.e thankyou.html

    then to open that page >

    if you prefer to use a subdomain ie. you need to name it "index.html"
  5. dannywr

    dannywr New Member

    If you set up subdomains, the search engines will view each one as a separate website with separate PR (page rank). So inbound links to one site will not benefit the other. You will end up with a lot of low-ranking websites.

    And it is true that search engines only want to list content once -- why give user the same thing on different sites? So they try to determine which is authoritative and only list one. So if you just duplicate the same content, they may not list the page or they may not give it much rank.

    I would suggest that you make subdirectories or pages instead and make them all a logical part of a larger site. And I would consider whether you are realliy trying to offer unique informtion to your visitors. If it appears you are trying to fool people or search engines, you could get completely banned.
  6. yahia

    yahia Member

    Seth: if you prefer to use a subdomain ie. you need to name it "index.html"
    Seth, this is a truncated piece of information, please correct your post.
  7. jerryh60

    jerryh60 New Member

    Normally I would agree with you Danny. I used a free post2host service that used cpanel, and what your describing is very true. But like a lot of free things, it dies due to lack of funding.

    I found another free service that uses vista panel on the free sites. As I was wandering throughthe control panel, I could not find anything about redirects, which I used on Cpanel.

    Instead I found that I could make sub domains (50), which had their own folders seperat from the main account. Each one comes with site builder for building the site, and it;s own index page,

    I checked with admin and was told I could actually have 50 seperat web sites up and one time. Each of which is indexed seperately.

    So we shall see.

    Have a Great Day


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