How do I check on different home businesses ?

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    How do I check on different home businesses in terms of legitimacy and potential? Where do I go on the WFHF that I can just put in the name of the company and have the feed back or previous discussions about the company?
  2. Try the string titled "Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews" There you will find many people doing all sorts different things. I encourage you, no matter what, to do your due dilligence. Reasearch as much as you can. Get to know other folks working the biz op that you are looking into.
    You will know when one sounds right. Trust in that.
    PM me if you have any questions. I've researched many. I can share the good and bad with you if needed.

    Sean Keely
    Expect Your Success Marketing & Coaching
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    Go to the and do a company search - you can spot a lot of scams there.
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    What I like to do is to enter the business name that I want to research in the little google search bar at the bottom of this page and it usually brings up the forum threads where they are discussing that particular business...

    The forum at is also a great place to research businesses - keep in mind, however that regardless whether you use ripoff or just the forums to do your research, you will have to rely on your gut as well - you will find the yay and nay about everything out there. [​IMG]
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    First, business opportunities that register with known
    networks are likely to be wary of rip off. At least the
    network will have eligibilty criteria to accept any
    merchant. For instance, if a business is on
    network you can find reviews and comments from other

    Another way is to open up a search engine and type

    "Business Opportunity sucks" with the quotes. Replace "business
    opportunity" with product name or the company name.

    Read and make your judgment.

    Business opportunities with the BBB logo should come as first

    These are some of the checks.

    Hope it helps

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