How do I find an legitimate work at home job?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by kellymao, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. kellymao

    kellymao New Member

    I am a disabled stay at home wife seeking a real work from home job.I've tried so many opportunities for data entry,taking surveys,stuffing envelopes and MLM.They are all misleading and are 100% scams.The so-called home jobs like data entry charge to get access to their data base of jobs,but I never fall for that trick.Do any one know any real home jobs that don't beg for your wallet?
  2. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    I have little doubt you have run across numerous scams. However, lack of results from an online biz does not mean that the company you chose was a scam. It is a well known fact that the majority of people trying to make money online will fail.

    You could try something like

    Or you could do 'bum marketing' with affiliate products using things like articles and squidoo.

    Stay away from HYIP's and gifting.

    As far as surveys go - most are not going to make any life changing income doing surveys. But if you decide to do some surveys, NEVER pay a site in order to find survey companies or to fill out surveys.
  3. pinkyparrot

    pinkyparrot New Member

    joanpeterson: As far as surveys go - most are not going to make any life changing income doing surveys. But if you decide to do some surveys, NEVER pay a site in order to find survey companies or to fill out surveys.
    I agree 100%. Surveys for me have paid my mortgage for 1 month and only 1 time. However they do pay for some of the smaller monthly bills for me. Now that being said anything that you decide to do is going to take time and effort. I see so many people that try to make money online and then after a week (when they don't have a check in their hands) then they quit. When you start a regular job you usually don't get paid in a week. You have to work first and then get the profits later. Whatever it is that you decide to do, just don't give up. Also if it is costing you much money then I would be very cautious.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I agree, too, that you may have come across some scams but just because they did not make any money in the first few weeks does not mean they are scams...[​IMG]

    Here is the hard truth about internet marketing....especially with affiliate marketing which is what most of us do on here...

    most online stuff will not make you enough money to pay the bills for at least 5 - 6 months.... and that is IF YOU WORK IT for that long.[​IMG]

    I am not trying to be hard on you - but am trying to help you and the hundreds of others just like yourself that are looking to make money from home , that stumble across this forum.

    It is absolutely possible to make money from home without a lot of investment - but it takes months of consistent work and effort before it all pays off.

    If you want a 'pay by the hour' job - then you will want to look at places that hire telemarkers to work from home - and there is a lot of that info at the forum.

    There is no magic pill....[​IMG]

    Hope that helps a little.... good luck!
  5. yasser

    yasser New Member

    I personally recommend selling on ebay. its profitable and no scams there.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    yasser: I personally recommend selling on ebay. its profitable and no scams there.
    teetotally agreed.[​IMG]

    well... I am so sure about no scams being there, but you can absolutely make money selling on Ebay.
  7. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Kelly,

    EBay is a great place to begin your online presence.
    If you can brainstorm and find a unique niche, that certainly will help.

    I ran a great store on eBay trading vintage books. My ex sold vintage auto parts, until the shipping was increased so much.

    If you would like to learn about marketing, of course you should take the Thirty Day Challenge which is free.

    I am sorry you have run into so many scams. They are not timeless however, and I feel the internet is in a cleansing phase. At least iI hope so!
    Happy New Year!
  8. WAHM63

    WAHM63 New Member

    Hi I was responding to your work from home job thia job is specifically for disable hope this helps
  9. Samsar

    Samsar New Member

    I agree totally, especially with a home business, it will not make you money overnight, you have to really work the business. I also tried surveys and never made back what I paid, I have seen other people make some money with surveys, but it just wasn't my thing I guess. Just keep searching, researching and ask lots of questions, this forum is full of great information! Good Luck to you, Happy New Year!
  10. Rando

    Rando Guest

    Surveys and data entry job did not work for me either. That is why it is essential to start your own online business and not work for anyone else. Sure it takes time and is hard work but finding a legitimate job online that pays well is impossible in my opinion. Affiliate marketing is the best way to start.
  11. VmTech

    VmTech New Member

    yasser: I personally recommend selling on ebay. its profitable and no scams there.
    Yes Ebay is a good place to earn online.
  12. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member

    You want to look for a company that offers great training and support , also make sure they actually have a phone number you can call, and a physical address too. Hope you find something that you can work into your life. Take Care.
  13. Yeoch

    Yeoch Member

    Hi Kelly,

    Before taking up any assignment or opportunity, try check it out by using the Real People Real Reviews site. It has actual users' comments on many Internet programs, biz opportunities, products, services and Internet Marketers. A good site which I used to avoid being scammed and am using to find out information.

    Besides looking for work, you may want to consider putting money for higher growth. Avoid unfounded High Yield Investment Product.

    As for eBay, there is a fee for posting and further fee for successful sales. Not necessary a negative point on eBay because there are many people making their living off the eBay. Just take note of the fee.
  14. Roni_Aust

    Roni_Aust New Member

    Hi All

    I have been reading and tell you what nothing comes for free. Every Home based business needs some investment and a lot of work so one either invests time or money. Those that have money buy leads, those that have time spend time to get free adds. for their business. Like I said in the later case it does take time, so no quick money. But in time you start making a lot on the Internet. That is why I chose to do business on the Internet and did I do all sorts of seach to make sure I research well and find the best group that offers full training and support all on line.

    One thing I do not get. Why is it that when people start conventional business. They are ready to put in money then rent a shop etc.? So think about hour many hours you have to work in your own business, how long you have to keep your shop open and how much do you pay in rent and to staff and bank overdraft and so on. So the is why it is a better way to do business on the Internet and in the long run you are neigther putting in too much time nor too much money. I am glad that I met a group of Entrepreneurs who are strong leaders to help train others to become leaders with full training, coaching and a call centre that call members applicants. So you see those that do not no sales can make it here too. Best of luck find what is best for you or you can see everyone's web pages here do some research go through them or email them talk to any one of us. By the way I am on Paltalk a talking social media with the same NICK NAME so if you like add me on or go to any of there business rooms and talk to real people directly and see them on cam so you know who is for real. To end I will say deal with anyone after knowing you can trust that person no matter where in the world they are. All the best to all, good luck and make a lot of money.
  15. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    I came across this website a while ago the website is I have talked to the guy he responds back when asked a question..
  16. 1life1fire

    1life1fire New Member

    Hi Kellymao!
    Hope you're having a good day today!

    I know exactly how you feel...

    The "Data-Entry Jobs" .... all they are... is typing in classified ads a thousand+ times the ad copy they provide... to sell... the same "Data Entry Job Info" .... it can work... I have done it... and made a few sales here and there.

    If you're looking to sell "other people's products" like that... there are a few companies that allow you access to 1,000's of products you can sell without purchasing... or are a few of them.... completely free to join as an affiliate, and numerous ways to get your ads out there... start a blog and do a "review" of the product... and put your link at the bottom.... for example.

    I sell a few products from clickbank... and it does work. Some people have mastered clickbank products and make thousands of dollars a month doing it.

    But it takes Time and Work to get your ads out on the market... and you have to sell to the right demographic for whatever product you are selling.

    Hope this helps you start brainstorming!
    My brainstorming is like a damn hurricane over here - LOL!
  17. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member


    I at one point researched for a good 18 months to find something online, what i found was that you have to find something with the proper training and support, and in most cases in order to get that there usually is a monthly fee involved, but with my experience in the past the small fees that may be charged are absolutley worth every penny when it comes to proper training, without that a person is running around aimlesly trying to figure out were to start. Also make sure you have a passion for what you are doing, this will be the difference between success and failure. Take Care.
  18. r3in9

    r3in9 New Member

  19. drbillphd

    drbillphd New Member

    I made more money picking up loose change found on the street than doing survery work... I personally think it's a waste of time. I would rather be watching March Madness.
  20. MichaelZ

    MichaelZ New Member

    There is SO much junk out there designed to do one thing: Take YOUR money. And the sad thing is, the poor folks that get taken are least able to afford it.

    A legitimate way to make some money from home is to start a web site or blog that provides valuable information. Keep adding more and more information and keep promoting it. Eventually, you will get some good rankings. There are a lot of sites you must beat out but most of them offer garbage content. If you make a point to focus on quality information, you can get good rankings and traffic - it might take a while. You might earn virtually nothing in the first few months but eventually it will pan out if you stick with it. And the ads on your site will earn money for you. The best part about publishing quality content is that it is yours.

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