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  1. sportsnut

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    in the coastal package we have many vendors that offer a variity of products such as.....leads.....vacation agent programs......condo responders...... websites ......and much more. funtime has all of that roled into one company with a 16 year history of being in the business. go on the internet and try and find a complaint about customer service or about a vacation .....there are none that i could find. alot of different companys use the funtime business packages because funtime offers simple down to earth training technics that realy work. they also provide you with a unique way of generating good quality leads that you dont have to buy and you can run any business campaign you want no matter what business you are in on your auto responder. if you add up all the money you spend per month to run your business most people are spending between 600 and 1000 dollars a month before they make a sale. the most you could spend with funtime is 299.00 per month and that give you an auto responder, a personal business campaign, a travel web site, a travel agent iata card 20 vacation vouchers of your choice. they send you and a guest to the bahamas once a year free. and to top all that off.....40,000 auto responder leads. you start getting payed activation commissions and if you bring 3 people into funtime your business package is free. funtime will show you how to use your auto reponder and those 40,000 leads to generate double and triple click through quality leads for you to use in building your coastal program many of our other vendors do that for us. funtime will pay you for introducing other people to them and you get payed every month . at this time in my life i am working hard ....not to work hard building my coastal funtime team i am building my future so i dont have to do the selling later. on the call last night mr dillon made it as clear as it could be without residual income you are always going to be the one selling or you wont make any money.
  2. luvtravel

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    I can barely handle 20-30 leads how does one handle 40,000 leads?

    With all that can be offered with all the different Funtime programs (I listened to the call last night, BTW you never answered my email about what time the call was)
    how do you know whch program to offer,
    the Anniversary Pkg, the 2 for 1 , the leads program, the certs, the vacation pkgs, the travel agent card etc etc etc......???

    Isn't it confusing for the prospect?


  3. cashwealth

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    hey, your post like an 'advertisement; now.

    Like I said, I spend $19.95/month for leads...And I'm just doing fine. I think that funtime business is not going to be a 'fun' ..
    I'm still concentrate 110% on my Coastal business.

  4. decker2006

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    You did not include the price of becoming a travel agent, which is poorly explained on the site. I got out of it that it is $100 of your first payment then 2 more payments of undisclosed amount and then 29 and change per month for the website. And how about all of those shipping and handling fees mentioned?

    How does this help my Coastal business? It seems to me the point here is to grow your funtime business. You also say 3 and it is free. Do you mean you no longer have to pay the 299 per month? Or do you mean because you are earning 100 each per month for each of the people it is free? You are still technically paying the 299 per month right? What if they drop out? But of course you will still be spending your time trying to get people in to funtime to grow your funtime team to cover your costs because as we all know, success rate is not 100% so you will have dropouts (just like we do).

    Please outline clearly how joining funtime will help COASTAL? Don't you think it is kinda bait and switch that if I give a funtime incentive for someone to join Coastal, then that person comes to find out that great incentive is as a result of a whole other business opp it would seem a back door way to try to get them in to funtime as well because if you are using funtime for a tool to help your Coastal business, common sense tells you that of course you will want your Coastal team to join funtime. As I guess all of you coastal/funtimers are doing.

    I already have an autoresponder that is bought and paid for and you can get leads pretty cheap if you know where to look. It sounded to me like there will be more vouchers offered in our Coastal package. Great! But as far as the whole funtime MLM plan, I would think that to get 4 people to get 4 people, etc., etc., is exactly why people join COASTAL and not other MLM plan like Quixstar. How do you market and how on earth would you have any time for Coastal??

  5. sportsnut

    sportsnut New Member

    thanks for all the replies to my post. i have tried to share with you how all of this works. however some just dont see it thats ok all i know is everyday i build my team and every day i generate leads and everyday i get closer to my goals that i have set for myself and everyday i add people to my team and everyday i put money in my pocket and everyday people on my team do the same . i havnt had 1 person drop out because they are all making money and bringing in other people. my question is are you setting up your residual income or are you going to be selling when your 70 years old. if you dont see all the advantages of both companys sorry . as for 3 and its free if you bring in 3 super elites to your team you make 3 hundred dollars look at the 20 club. i have to run now i have my team training call.
  6. ateamfuntimer

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    Im with sportsnut. The best way to get all of your questions answered is to be like a prospect and go to the website and get on the opportunity call. They can answer your specific questions and show how this might be a fit for your business. In some case it might not be but heck why not get the answers from the horses mouth. Thursday night @ 9pm est 402 756 9000 pincode 1025286#. I used it as a leads program. Id rather have more leads than I can use and let my auto-responder work and have them contact me than not have enough leads or spend $600 for leads like I used to. Thats the bottom line for us. Dont know what yours is but my criteria for a good home based business is first off what if the product? Is it marketable. Well travel is and Fun Time has that. Is it priced well? Well you can get started at the basic level for under $70 a month. Not bad. Next question is whether or not the business can be duplicated. Well its as easy as showing someone a website and then them getting on a call. Kinda like what I do now with Coastal. And lastly is there training for team members? Well every day there is a 1 hr call for members in the day. There is a 10am -6pm hotline as well. They have training calls every monday + wednesday @ 9pm and biz opt meetings on tuesday and thursday. You make the call. For us it fits. Love to see you all getting the thousands im receiving in just residual income.

    Catch the wave and have some fun...Get started with Fun Time Vacation Club.

  7. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member


    if funtime is so great, why the dickens are they spending time trying to recruit coastal members? Every post sounds like a press release or ad.

    And why do they spend their efforts demeaning coastal.

    I have had enough dealings with funtime to know that they would be the last company I would like to be associated with.

  8. PT Dude

    PT Dude New Member

    Ok i made a post for my new online business wich IMO wasnt as self promoting as this original post and mine got deleted. Bleh i guess i have to join FT to tell how successful my business is?

    I might join FT anyhow but just needed to vent that[​IMG]
  9. ibizniz

    ibizniz New Member

    Hello sportsnut

    after reading your posts.....I have a ?

    are you the owner of funtime by any chance?

    maria porter
  10. goldmills

    goldmills New Member

    I got am email from funtime, clearly stating they are merging with Coastal. So, I missed the call, sent them an email, and I did not get a response.

    Did funtime merge or is Al just making another back end offer to Coastal reps where they can get an "optional" membership into funtime as membership card #23 the "Funtime Card" where they pay more money?

    If the answer is in another post, please let me know through PM or post it here.

  11. Lola

    Lola New Member

    Quoting: cashwealthLike I said, I spend $19.95/month for leads...

    Hey there can you tell me which company you get your leads from at $19.95 a mth.?? thanx
  12. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Quoting: goldmillsIf the answer is in another post, please let me know through PM or post it here.


    I sent you a PM.

  13. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    I look back at alot of post and have to laugh a bit. Many of you arent getting all the facts and as people try to give them to you then you call the messengers names and say we are not of the highest intelligence ( that is not an exact quote just summing up what is being said) Why are so many afraid of the truth. Coastal and Fun Time are in a new partnership. Fun Time is already in the package as a vendor and their leads generation program has just expanded that role. IBIZNIZ asks why would someone in Fun Time recruit a coastal member. Lets name a few reasons. First off I can probably save you on leads and what you are paying now. I can show you how to create a residual income that no matter if you get up today and work you still have money coming in. I can show you how to market "vacation vouchers" (I know you know what they are you can buy them for $6.95 through N.B. Management) for a profit. How about using the vacation vouchers as incentives for prospects to come in at a higher level. Offer them a Hawaii trip for coming in at level II instead of Level I. Jay Napier who many of you know in Coastal used to offer laptops for coming in at platinum. It worked well for him...he is one of the top earners in Coastal. How about as a way for someone that doesnt have $1295 "right now" to get started in a business and get their money so then they can join Coastal and make the higher commissions. Again the truth is out there . I know change is hard believe me I do. But need I go on more about why its a fit? If I was you guys id get involved b4 your teams do and then you have to join under them.

  14. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member


    Are you kidding me?? Don't you get it? Most of us here do not need or are attracted to the funtime opportunity. You have had plenty of time and forum space to explain everything. I have been trying to find out about the travel agent opp and Jeff has been asking about the seller of travel regulations, but you fail to address these issues. No one has called any one any names that I know of.

    We can get leads cheaper.
    I am not interested in marketing individual vacation vouchers. If anyone has the time for that, please speak up and join funtime.
    We can offer Coastal vouchers for incentive, no need for a completely different biz opp.
    How are your 40,000 leads for EVERY member any better than anything thing else out there.

    I agree with Harold, I think you should start your own folder for the funtime opp.

    This has NOT directly addressed the current Coastal Directors and how this can help our business. The only thing I would be interested in is the travel agent package and I cannot get accurate information on that. Please explain. Inteletravel is running a 2 for 1 special right now. Can funtime beat 2 people with an IATA card for 199.00 plus 9.95 monthly access? That is what Inteletravel offers now for a special deal.

    If this is a good opportunity now, it will be a good oportunity 6 months for now. So far, I am not seeing it. It seems extremetly arrogant for you to say that we should hurry up and join before our team members join. I have not seen evidence that this does anybody any good. Sorry CSG has disappointed you, but the Call Center has been working great for me. Let's stick to Coastal on this forum.

  15. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Okay lets address the questions. The Title of this thread is How Fun Time Can Help Your Business. So Noreen dont post in this thread to get other questions answered. Do it in a Thread that covers that topic. But lets talk Inteletravel. Yes they have a great deal going on. But its apples and oranges you are comparing. Inteletravel is a travel agent program that I actually have , use , and make commissions on. I got in earlier so I paid I believe something like $69 to join and I pay 7.95 a month for their website. Good to jump on an opportunity in the beginning. I do get the $100 referral fee when people join as well. The commission on travel are in the 5% to 10% range. The special they have going on now is great I will admit. Now you are comparing it to Fun Time so let me tell you a bit about the new Fun Time Travel Agent Program. Now I will have to say im not as up to date on this one as being a Inteletravel Travel agent I have no rush on the new program. But it goes a bit like this its a $125 acivation and the $29.95 a month for your own website. The commission at that level are in the 30% range. There are also upgraded levels at high commissions and cost. So thats a comparison of Inteletravels travel agent program and the travel agent program of Fun Time ( one of its programs in its different business opportunities). I hope that helps with the discussion on the travel agent programs.

  16. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    This fits into this topic just fine. The point we are trying to make is we don't see the benefits of joining Funtime at this point. Also, this area of this forum is meant to discuss Coastal Vacations and lately it has been focused more on Funtime and it's bizz opp than Coastal Vacations. It's obvious that you guys came to promote your Funtime bizz.

    I, too, joined Inteletravel at the same time you did for the same price structure. I only joined for the IATA card. I never planned on promoting my site to generate commissions unless I used for myself. I wouldn't join Funtime's travel agent program simply because of the same reason. I don't want to have to promote another business. This is the same problem that I see with Funtime in general. It ends up being two separate businesses that both need promotion. My focus, along with my teammates, like Noreen, will be on Coastal until the time that we see a benefit in Funtime that will help us PROMOTE COASTAL as a business and NOT Funtime as a Businesss.
  17. nikkirner

    nikkirner New Member

    Hi everyone,

    In case you were not on the Conference call tonight.......Rusty
    announced that on next Tuesday's 1:00 p.m. call he is having Al
    Romine, owner of Coastal Vacations, come to our call to talk about
    the merger between Fun Time Vacations and Coastal Vacations. Be sure
    to be there to hear it straight from the top guy!! Tell everyone you
    know of that is in Coastal so they can also hear it themselves.

    The number is 402-756-9000 PIN 1025286# at 1:00 p.m.

    Hope to hear you on the call.
  18. wapahm

    wapahm New Member

    I just read this post and it now 2:15p.m. EST.
    Did you happen to record the call, so those of us who were not able to be on the live can still hear what all was said?

    How is being with Funtime/Coastal working out for you?

  19. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    As Terri was on the Fun Time Call last night and heard with her own ears Al Romine is going to be on a Fun Time call. This should for the first time clear up all of the misconceptions many of you have had with the Fun Time/Coastal partnership. I look forward to you all being there so you will have all the facts for yourself. Fun Time is part of the Coastal package and with this opportunity being so great all many of us where trying to do was make you aware of a new program that will make all of you alot of money. Needless to say there will be a feeding frenzy when this gets rolled out. Now many of you have huge teams already and some of them are paying alot more for leads than the highest rate at Fun Time. So as their director it is your job to show them how to be successful. Remember as we got them in Coastal we told them as their director we would train and mentor them. Well as I see it showing a team mate an inexpensive way to get more leads for their money is the what a true director should do. Now if they arent buying leads then hey maybe this isnt what is needed but I see otherwise. I have left thousands of dollars on the table as people didnt have the $1295 to get started in Coastal but as the travel industry is a 7 trillion dollar juggernaut they did still spend money on a vacation. Why should they pay that money to a traditional travel agent and not me. Heck at Fun Time we have a 13 day Florida and Bahamas vacation that cost the client $500 and we make $300 on the deal. $500 for a 13 day trip is incredible and the fact you can make $300 makes it all the better. That would keep many of our team mates in the black and in the game. These are just my opinions and how I am helping my team to survive in this home based business arena. You can decide how you want to do it but this is working for me and my team.

  20. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Another point I have seen so many times in this forum is about having more than one part of your business. For any of you that follow traditional businesses you see that so many of them are diversified. They do this to maximize their profits. Why would it be any different in this arena. Especially if the businesses compliment each other. Coastal, Fun Time and Inteletravel are all in the same industry. This is how I look at it. Coastal is for the savvy traveler that understands the value of travel and sees the value in paying one time and traveling at a discount for the rest of their lives. That is probably in addition to the high commissions what got us all started with Coastal. Fun Time is for the person that is looking for the best deal for right now. I have a fly and stay in my Fun Time stuff that a client can go to Vegas for 3 days and 2 nights for two people with airfare included for $265. If thats the only trip they want they wont buy a Coastal membership they just want that trip. Now for someone that like the traditional go on a website ( picture travelocity) and book a trip then Inteletravel is for them. See my business is well rounded and I can market to all customers. There is no conflict at all just 3 different target markets. I think many of you are missing the big picture on this. Now understand my wife and I are extremely successful in Coastal. We were part of the CSG Leadership before stepping down 2 months ago to pursue more of our dreams and free up alot of our time from the work it takes to be on a leadership board and we have been featured in the HBC magazine May 2006. So im not bashing Coastal by any means. It has allowed us to retire and im not even 40 yet. But business is about learning the market and making adjustments to your approach. You all can keep leaving money on the table as I am more than willing to go behind you and grab up the customers that you leave behind. A well rounded business is what its about. Think of this did you ever think McDonalds would be selling salads and well balanced meals. Never as I grew up did I think of going to McDonalds for a salad..if I wanted fries then they were the choice. But guess what they diversified. Id suggest we all do the same.


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