How I Doubled My Earnings with AdSense!

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by griser, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. griser

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    Placing Your AdSense Ads Above the Fold


    I just wanted to share an AdSense concept that worked for me.

    Some time ago, I learned that placing images on your pages could help increase traffic to your site. This is true, particularly if you put low-supply high-demand keywords on the "Alt tag" as you build each page.

    A few days ago I read an article stating that most of the time you can increase your Click Through Rate by placing your AdSense ads "above the fold". (The fold is the visible part on the screen of any web page you enter).

    Previously, I had placed images on my pages right below the title, then a highlighted quote below and then an image. This moved my AdSense ads below the fold and my visitors could only see them if they scroll down the pages (below the fold).

    So I decided to place my AdSense ads just below the title and now they appear above the fold. I have only changed about one third of my pages and my AdSense earnings have doubled. Every day I make changes in 2 or 3 pages and I can notice the difference in just a couple of days. I can't wait to apply these changes to all of my AdSense pages.

    Give it a try with a few of your pages and hopefully you'll also increase your earnings.

    Good luck!
  2. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    That is a good tip griser. Above the fold does tend to get more clicks.

    Just a word of caution. When using images with Google ads, be somewhat careful that you don't use images in a way that they appear to be expressly related to the ad. This is against Google's terms and can get you into trouble.

    Generally this is the case when people use a series of smaller images right beside (or above or below) the Google ads that make it seem that the ad goes with the image.

    If you are in any doubt, it would be a good idea that you check with Google before implementing something that may be questionable. In this case, it's easier to get permission than forgiveness. [​IMG]

  3. affiliate

    affiliate New Member

    Thanks for the tip. Just curious if you find that one type of Adsense ad pulls over another? ie with different colors and text ads/image ads/link ads?
  4. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    When choosing the colours for my adsense ads, i base it on the colour of the website they will be used on. I believe this makes them more discrete and not obviously ads so people click on them thinking they are just ordinary links. I get clicks so i guess it works [​IMG]
  5. Tammy1022

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  6. freepaidsurveys

    freepaidsurveys New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I will try it in my site
  7. pjworker

    pjworker New Member

    This is where I place my Adsense ads too. I also place some link ads right below my navigation menu and these pull in quite a few clicks on some of my sites. I've heard of some people being successful when making their Adsense ads stand out but I've always found it to be better when their blended in with the rest of my text.
  8. rbwhiting

    rbwhiting New Member

    I just tried this tip and you're right, I did get more clicks. Awesome!
  9. jbode

    jbode New Member

    Yes, having your ads above the fold and blending with your site is a great way to increase your click rate.

    I have also found that not having borders and having the title that they click in blue will increase the click through rate as well.

    Also on blogs have adsense in between your post. I have an example in my signature.

    Hope this helps
  10. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    If the domain name is relevant, it reduces the PSAs

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