How is everyone doing that are done training and taking Calls @ C*t*

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by suni315, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    Just wondering how its going for everyone
  2. samda

    samda Member

    Could you be a little more clear on your question. Sorry sometimes I am a tube light and needs some starter !
  3. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    I mean how are your calls GOING EASY ,HARD, FRUSTRATING any tech issues just what I asked how are your call GOING
  4. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    my my my i started today with my first call for H*S*N. What a disaster! I managed to take two calls but my screen would not show up the order processing thingie.I transferred both calls to customer service.

    I called a PAL and he said it would be ok on the next shift which will be in half an hour. Thank goodness i only signed up for half an hour shift. I hope I'm not fired tonight LOL

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