How long after you took one skill did you get offered another?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by LadyPzaz, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Hi. I have only been doing DR for about 5 weeks now but would like something else. Something that doesn't have all the upsells and APOs to long did it take till you were offered another skill?

    I have emailed them and awaiting a response. They did tell me on the chat last week that no other skills are being offered right now yet I see everyone posting about being offered new skills!!! [​IMG]

  2. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    Good luck getting a new skill..there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to being offered a new skill. I have been on DR since August and also would like another skill but have not been offered one yet. I have a friend working the T*Y * U* line and she barely works her minimum monthly hours and she was just offered another skill. I saw on the DR chat last night that someone working DR for 4 weeks was offered.. I'm sorry this probably doesn't help but new skills are available by invitation only, so unfortanately you either have to be patient or get the luck of the ...
  3. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Thanks momof3boys! I appreciate the quick response and info...yeah, I guess I'm just getting frustrated with people interrupting me while I try to tell them about the upsells and APOs...or not to mention the moaning guy I had today! LOL Prank calls are too funny! LOL

    well, I guess I will keep watching the WAH message board as well as my email! Good luck to you too!

  4. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    It does get a little frustrating..i just don't take it personally when the customers get upset or say no..just be careful of the short reads and you should be fine. I don't mind DR I would just like to add another skill that maybe pays a little more. Hopefully we will both be offered other skills soon. Good luck to you too! [​IMG]
  5. pennyhm

    pennyhm New Member

    I started w/ W*st sometime around Halloween of last year. Work the T*U line, just got offered the new C*T* VR line. From what I have heard/read other places, you have to resign from D* before you can get another line offered to you. But, don't take my word for it since I can't personally say that is so.
  6. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Thanks Penny! Weird...just logged in and the system wanted me to update my telephone number info in case they had to reach me regarding new skills and such...hopefully, they are considering it!

    But, a little while ago, a man called while I was working DR and said he was Troy with West and did I work for West...told him yes - hopefully, that didn't ruin my chances! I did see that on a chat session not too long ago where someone asked that very same question but they said it was OK.

    We'll see! Have a great day!

    Hugs, [​IMG]
  7. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    Lady, thats so odd. I received the same thing when I logged on today. Something about verifying my phone number? Weeeiirrd?!

    So they called to? Hmm, is that all he asked? I actually emailed them for a chance of having 2 skills recently as well.

    Hope it works out for u as well! Keep us updated!
  8. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    I woldn't suggest resigning from a skill unless you just really can't stand working it..I have seen on here where it can take weeks/months or sometimes not at all for people to get offered another skill. Some do get offered other skills but I guess you have just as much luck being offered one while working as not..not sure..
  9. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Oh, I agree! I would not resign from DR or any skill! You may not get anything after that, who knows? LOL

    Can anyone tell me something...I read on one of these topics where one of the skills is paying over $14/hr????? Please let me know which one it was because I can't find the post!! [​IMG]

  10. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    hey all, i started with west in october on tr*u and was just offered a 2nd skill for c*t*i. I had that verify number also, i think thats just the differnt skill making sure of your number. i start training tomorrow and pal said its only 15 minutes and just ADE. Glad i got this cause the hours seem alot harder to get lately on TR*u
    let us know how it goes
  11. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Oh, I did find it and it is EPIQ...not sure what that is!?!

    Wow, that's fantastic to be making that kind of money per hour!! I have nagged them enough for now about another skill...maybe I'll get one, who knows! In the meantime, DR is working out great for me!

    Hugs, [​IMG]

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