how long it took you to make a living online

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by digit28, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. digit28

    digit28 New Member

    I am really interested in people who earn good money online. I just want to know if it took them years, months or weeks ? I know i'm going to get a lot of replies saying they did it in day's but i do not and will not believe those stories !!

    Myself started in March and up to today I made nice money,.. not GOOD money but nice..

    Regards Digit28
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I've been at affiliate marketing for about two years. I'm not yet making enough to earn a full time living, but I do enjoy having money deposited into my bank and Paypal accounts on a regular basis...
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Weeks, but cost of living here is low
  4. digit28

    digit28 New Member

    I know,.. It feels good getting money while I don't do much nowadays [​IMG] Where is it you live ??
  5. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Less than one year but I studied my you-know-what off for a couple of years before that.

    I spent every spare moment on learning topics such as:

    information technology
    evaluating and dunking competition

    I took hundreds of pages of notes from every single book and class I read from.

    "It don't come easy" but you either do the time or the time does you.

    Newbie Shield

  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Hi, I make a living entirely online and it took me about a year to get there.
  7. Ace83

    Ace83 New Member

    It really depends on a few factors

    A) Product
    B) Time and effort
    C) Strategy

    It averages about a year to figure out the right combo of those
  8. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    It took me about 3 months to get to that point, and a lot of hard work. But it was more then worth it.
  9. stacy

    stacy New Member

    I have a similar question......once you do start making good money online, are you still working your tail off? I realize by that time you are working from home, but how many hours are needed? Logically, it seems like Affiliate Marketing would be an ongoing, everyday job. If you stop working on your websites and ads, doesn't the money stop coming in? How do you take vacations?

    I'm really new to this (about 5 days) and my goal is to be able to quit my job and stay home in 10 months or so. We're trying to have a baby and I don't want to go back to work afterwards. I was hoping to get something going online or some kind of home based business. Is this doable in 10 months?
  10. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member


    Unfortunately, that's a relative question. It is different for everyone. Personally, I LOVE online marketing and Information Technology. So, I love being on the computer all day, escpecially online. It helps tremendously to have a severe passion for these things.

    I also happen to be lucky enough to have a passion for related and required things such as business and research.

    I wish I could just give you and everyone the step-by-step formula. I try my best to give pointers and give out examples. If you copy/pasted most of my replies to date, you might have a very nice template on what to do in order to make a living online and sustain it.

    You should even be able to use it as an outline for an ebook on making money online. I have no problem with this. You have my permission to reproduce anything I have posted in this forum.

    I've said it before. It takes around a year studying a couple hours or more a day to make a decent income stream. I have put in quite a bit more than this as I have been at it since before I launched my first online site in 1998. I read quite a bit before I even did that.

    I started making money off line.

    I set researched (books mostly) for over a year. I ran a single classified ad in a newspaper for 40 or 45 bucks. I had voicemail. I received around 22 responses on my answering machine within a few days. I created brochures in MS Publisher 95. I sent them to those who left a message. I had a very high conversion rate.

    Then I created a website in MS Frontpage 1997 before I knew anything about HTML. I SEOed the site. I put it online. I registered at several search engines and online directories. In less than one month of being online I was number one on Google in my niche.

    I've been there ever since. It is NOT a make money online topic site. That is why I don't have a link to it. It is not appropriate for this forum. I sell a product that I invented from the site and I do pretty well - barely six figures. It's been over nine years online and a lot of work though!

    It is well worth it.

    Right now, the only other thing I have going is My Power Mall. That is working out exceptionally well too. I have 10 folks in my frontline, several more in tier 3, and one in tier 4. I've already met my October goal and October isn't even half way over :)

    Yes, it takes a lot of work and for me, it is not only worth it, I LOVE DOING IT! It's one of my favorite hobbies.

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  11. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I still work my tail off as much as I can for now. After a few years, I probably won't have to do much.
  12. southbank63

    southbank63 New Member


    This is my first post here..

    I just wanted say that I have been working full time as a nurse whilst I have been trying to learn online marketing... anyway, it takes a lot of motivation to keep going.. I guess I have been doing this for almost a month or so.. not long but I've been online at least 6 hours a day constantly searching and researching.

    I read Honest Riches and Rich Jerk ebooks to get some idea of how to even start! (I guess someone will tell me they are no good and they have a much better ebook... but that
    seems to be a hazard of newbie online marketing.. fresh meat syndrome.. so i accept

    Anyway, just wanted to say that Iam hoping all the ground work I have been doing will eventually pay off.. here's hoping anyway..I know this business takes 'get rich quick' scams tho it would be nice if they did work![​IMG]

    Bottom line I guess is understanding seo and niche marketing and constant vigilance in learning and updating as you go..?

    Any comments or contradictions greatfully received x
  13. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Welcome Southbank63,

    Glad to see you have been in business for over 4 years. Perhaps you have quite a bit to contribute. I look forward to benefitting from your 4 years of online business experience.

    Newbie Shield

  14. southbank63

    southbank63 New Member

    Hi Newbie Shield

    me thinks you taking the p***

    But thats ok.. I have to admit most of my experience is with ebay.. does that count here?

    Anyway.. I have to say I am very interested in actually learning...[​IMG]

    I do find your posts very perspicacious.. bin reading before i posted.. (should I say dared to post[​IMG])

    (I notice my sig links not right either! oh dearI will have to go and sit in the corner with the dunces hat on..[​IMG]
  15. stacy

    stacy New Member

    Thanks for the advice and motivation. I do love being on the computer to, but I just didn't want to be tied to it. The reason I got interested in this (just a week ago) is that I to surf the interent. It all started with my dogs. We have a few Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and we breed and sell them once or twice a year. So, I built a website and really enjoyed doing it. Then I started to advertise my website and guess what - I started getting calls from it! That's when the light bulb went off - I wanted to find something I could market and sell all year long - without owning 100 dogs! So, I started Googling for it and I ended up here.
    I don't mind working my tail off to make a living, especially if I am doing it from home. But, I do want to go on vacations too. I guess I just have to make a lot of money before and after vacation.
  16. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Quoting: southbank63(I notice my sig links not right either! oh dearI will have to go and sit in the corner with the dunces hat on..

    Hi Southbank63,

    In order to get your sig links to work, you need to close your opening URL link in the first tag and you need to create a closing tag in your second URL link.

    Newbie Shield

    PS. anyone else need help on their sig files? I just know I am going to regret offering this!!!

  17. southbank63

    southbank63 New Member

    ta Newbie..see I said you are my hero[​IMG] lol

    i will try to sort tomorrow..its past my bead time now...[​IMG] (getting old... slow thinking sort of day)
    but thanx..
  18. majik36

    majik36 New Member

    Hi,this is also my first post here, I really like the advise and support everyone seems to give. Thanks
  19. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Great thread. Ive been searching for the magic formula in Home Based Businesses for years. 20 to be exact. Tried everything from Amway to Primerica and a bunch in between. 2 1/2 years ago I got lucky. I found Coastal Vacations. Now many of you have heard this and that about Coastal Vacations but here are my thoughts on being able to make a income from home. First its got to be something where you can make money and a good amount on each sale so you dont need so many sales to make decent money. I was in Amway and had a big team but made maybe $1000 a month. In Coastal I make $1000- $9705 on each sale. Next its got to be a product people like. There are many companies out there but let's be honest people that spend good money on things spend that good money on things that make them happy. In all my sales experience ive learned people buy for pleasure or to alleviate a pain. Well travel is a 7 trillion dollar industry and the product makes people happy. Most vacations put a smile on your face. The only thing people sometimes frown about is the cost of a vacation. Coastal changes that. So when I found this opt it had the two things I think you need to be able to make good money from home. High commissions and a product people will even max out their credit cards to get. Im not knocking any of the other businesses im just pointing out in so many others you have to get a huge downline and sell a heap of products to retire from full time employment.

    How many opt's have you guys been in when they give you a 2 - 5 year plan. Thats better than working for 20 or 30 years but its still longer than it took me. My wife and I made over 10k in our first 7 weeks. I do mostly retail so I dont have to rely on building a team to continue to make money as well. Now I do train a significant team and was on the leadership board of a group in Coastal so im adept at training people. But what I like is I dont have to create a downline. I can and make more money with duplication as it is a good thing but im not reliant on my team for the money to retire.

    The obstacle that has come up with people getting into Coastal is the start-up fee though. That does create a challenge. But I just created two programs that let you get started making money without any investment other than being trained by myself and the Coastal system. No out of pocket currency. Just time and effort currency.

    So id like to say if you find the right opt that pays the right amount and has a product that people will buy no matter what, then you can retire in under a year in my opinion. Id love to go over my thoughts with any of you. I look at it this way you can earn while you learn and have no outlay of cash. So if you dont like it you arent out of anything. Many opts just get you to pay in and the only customers are really just those that are joining the opt. Thats why lately things like My Power Mall and other opts that are free are the rave. Too many have been burned in the past. I know that giving away an opt for free builds confidence and to be honest it helps me weed out the real workers. I cant tell you how upset I get by those that pay the fee to get started, then dont work, then say the opt doesnt work. No they didnt work.

    So if you want to be able to retire and make money quickly online then I say get a good opt with a high commission , that has a good product and is something that you dont have to rely on a downline to succeed.

    Adam Frederick
    The A-Team
    Coastal Innovators
    302 476 2753
  20. MedTranHome

    MedTranHome New Member

    I actually did start making money in days, as I was trained in medical transcription, which is a real job. I started working at home as soon as I was trained.

    You can also make money immediately by doing general transcription, which does not require any training/schooling. There are companies that will hire newbie general transcriptionists who have no experience.

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