How many use Skype :

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by travell99, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. travell99

    travell99 New Member

    Feel free to add me, lets connect.

  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I don't use it, but my brother has been getting on my case to use it...
  3. Casper

    Casper New Member

    I use VOIP I save heaps on phone calls which is good because I have rang overseas several times when enquiring about different business opportunities I have found on this forum.
  4. seeyalater72

    seeyalater72 New Member

    I use Skype to chat only at this time. My mic died some time ago and I never had a reason to replace it before joining Skype.
  5. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I use skype all the time,my team are situated all over the world and its so useful to keep in touch,we use the group chats,one-on-one,free calls,its great [​IMG]
  6. travell99

    travell99 New Member

    Awesome, would like to connect, anyone wishing to send me a request is most welcome. [​IMG]

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