How much do I have to wait to see results?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by jnoa, May 27, 2009.

  1. jnoa

    jnoa New Member


    Ok, hope all of you are good. Well, I want to now how much time does it take to see results when using free traffic methods. I was doing it at the beginning about 6 months ago, but because I didn't see results fast I gave up. THe free methods I use are the following:

    article submitting
    adding your link to the search engines

    I know these are free and have also heard that the only way to get results fast is using Adwords. Even thou, I have research and learn a lot about Adwords I still want to start making some money using free tactics then after that is done I will start using Adwords. An I'm really on a tight budget so don't think Adwords the for me right now.

    I would appreciate your help
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    We all have different stories but I didn't make much at all with my stuff until I had a PLAN. Then I made money within a few weeks... using free methods.[​IMG]

    I used the One Week Marketing Plan (OWM) and I know others have used other methods such as PL and CB... Have you used either of those or are you just marketing them?

    I think it makes a big difference on how well we can present something- how much we actually know about it, whether or not we make money with it and also if you have not done so already, do some researching on how to effectively use keywords so that when you go to write more articles,set up a blog or Squidoo lens, you will know what works...[​IMG]

    I have a few blogs that I threw together with some Clickbank products that I knew very little about and I made a few sales, but the problem is - that I know SO little about it that I can hardly add new posts anymore - lol
  3. yahia

    yahia Member

    I strongly agree with having a plan. Without a plan you'll be giving up more frequently than doing anything.

    Now about how long it should take you before you see results: here are some standards:

    1. If you get 250-300 clicks on your affiliate link (from articles, squidoo lenses, blogs, and social bookmarks) with no results, its time to give up with this particular product.

    2. With safelists and similar "back alley" marketing methods, unless your product is as cheap as $7 or less ($7 is the average upgrade level) you have no chance of selling it. It has also to be from a network that other safelisters never heard about. It also needs to have something to do with marketing, advertising, or traffic generation.

    To avoid disappointment, and eventual give ups, please do the market research first before you start a campaign.

    Find the market first, then find a product that fits with this market.
  4. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    It's very hard to expect some sales from Free traffic exchange site

    But, if you can use more than 5 sites a day, you can expect at least

    1 or 2 sales a week!

    Good luck to you

    Happy day~[​IMG]
  5. weblearner

    weblearner New Member

    hi yahia

    how i'll know that my particular affiliate get how many clicks?

  6. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I use google analytics. Breaks it all down. Also with squidoo its built in to track it for you.

    Keywords in your articles and on your site are important. I went in and added more keywords in by blog and it is now moving up in google ranking. Add content often.

    When you write an article, toss the keywords throughout. I learned this the hard way. Make sure the keywords are in the title, and if you can get that keyword in the title twice, all the better. Long tailed keywords are good.

    Research research first as Yahia says. That is important.
  7. yahia

    yahia Member

    Thanks robin,

    I might also add for tutu that if you are promoting clickbank products you can track where your clicks and sales come by adding [/?tid=XXX] to your affiliate link, where XXX is where you expose your link.
  8. jnoa

    jnoa New Member


    About PL and CB I didn't used them I have to eliminate that signature. I started promoting CB and PL the first time I started like 6 months to 1 year ago. So I didn't know so much. But like I said I gave up very quickly the first time.

    And yes all this 6 months I've been researching, researching and more researching.

    I took the 30 day challenge (which was very useful and recommended to me in this forum).

    I have squidoo lens
    I have a wordpress blog
    I have a webs and hub page

    Then when this niche didn't work

    I did the same with a new niche, but still did not have results

    Right now have the affiilate funnel system program and going over it

    It's very useful but the only problem is that all the methods in the program are paid methods. Still haven't finished then may further there will be a free method to try.

    Thanks again
  9. yahia

    yahia Member

    Are you getting any organic traffic to your squidoo, blog, and hub pages?
  10. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I do not completely understand the XXX thing myself. Yahia could you help clarify that. What exactly goes in the Xs?

    Also organic traffic, (you can tell I am a newbie) is that traffic that comes straight from the search engines? thanks
  11. IMoneyReview

    IMoneyReview New Member

    the XXX stands for your tracking ID. you can call it whatever you want so you know what you looking at when you see results. There is an analytics section in CB where you can see how many clicks you are getting. CB has automatic ways to put them in the link for you when you click to create a link on CB
  12. yahia

    yahia Member

    That's right IMoneyReview, Thanks.
    And you are right to you robin about the organic traffic. When I am serious about a campaign I maintain at least 2 of the first 10 organic search results for my keyword at anytime, and the more the better.
  13. jnoa

    jnoa New Member

    Well right know I made a squidoo lens like ten days ago and only got like 14 visits until today. I don't now if that is good or bad? Sometimes I think this IM stuff is not for me. Anyway thanks a lot for the info.
  14. yahia

    yahia Member

    jnoa: Well right know I made a squidoo lens like ten days ago and only got like 14 visits until today. I don't now if that is good or bad?
    Not really good, but still not bad. The more visitors you get the better, and much importantly where they came from. Check in your lens statistics where those vistis came from. The more you get from search engines the better.

    Now please pay attention to this piece of information: One lens is just one step. You need to find at least 5 keywords related to the product you are promoting and make a lens about each one. Then connect them together. This way you'll cover more possible sources of organic visits to your lenses, and because they care connected together you have a good chance of having more than one visit per keyword search.

    After you are done with the lenses start linking back to each one of them, But that's another story, just focus on finishing the first set of lenses then worry about the back linking.
  15. candlequeen

    candlequeen New Member

    I have been in my new business for 5 months now. I network everyday. I have been getting quite a few hits, but no one has signed up yet...I have had several people email me that had questions. My sponsor says it can take a year or more. I use my keywords all the time in everything I write, which helps me get a higher rating on google...
  16. yahia

    yahia Member

    Candle queen, 5 months with no sign ups means there is something seriuosly wrong. I suggest you do the market research once again to make sure you are in a profitable market.

    In the following thread you'll find some basics that I hope will help you:

    What IS Affiliate Marketing??

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