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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tropicalbenzo, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. tropicalbenzo

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    i see everyday , that everybody have the same problems with the hours for west compnay i also have the same problem, after they post i shift , they gone fast, is all the time like that ...... with each skill or not? because everybody have the same issues, how come?, so we work for them but we dont have a guaranted of hours? so we need to fight for those hours , west doesnt offer another type opf job (skils) who guaranted a least 35 hours a week, we know that we are good! or not?? i really want to get more info about that??
  2. tigerlady

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    Hi tropical...i work for spnbc with west..i know that hours are put up based on the needs of shopnbc, not west..pals have a regular schedule but yes, we have to fight..i work nites which is easier to get than days..i think they do it this way so we can keep our independence vs set hours..i know it is a pain trying to get hours but i have worked in shop for 3 mnts now and have always had shifts..may be at the last min but..sometimes you can buddy up with someone on here and work out trades..hang in gets better!..what skill do you have btw??..

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