How to choose where to advertisre your Coastal Vacations business

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    There are so, so many different ways to advertise your Coastal Vacations business that I thought I'd share some thoughts on this.

    One of the biggest challenges business owners have is choosing where to advertise. I'm sure you've seen it...I have. The ads that are around. Hotel directories, reciept tape, place mats, newspaper, yellow pages....I could go on and on, but I think your getting the idea.

    I have a friend who owns a reciept tape advertising business. He's a great guy, I've known him for over 12 years. I put him into the advertising specialty business. Each time we get together he tries to get me to advertise on his tapes. Each time, I explain to him how it's not the right market for what I do. I order products like pens, shirts and the like from him. What's interesting is how he just doesn't get it. He'll show me things like stress balls, clocks and toys that area great for the right busines...but here's what' important.

    What target are you going after? We have the bridal industry which makes it very easy to approach. There are bridal shows and bridal magazines that allow you to easily market to those who are getting married. This market alone could be your cash cow with the Coastal Business.

    Business to business has been discussed several times here and the clients are just waiting for you to come and see them. We have a weekly b2b call you can attend to learn how to do this...for a closer look you should attend the next Coastal event.

    These and other markets have specific places you can advertise your business. One of the things I've always done is sought out the industry magazine and subscribed. I'm always told I have a strong knowledge of different industries...why, because I read and I study the industries.

    Classified advertising is a great way to build your business. Parent magazines are HOT! Why, because new moms and dads read them and most of those parents are looking to get out of whatever they were doing before their bundle of joy came along....Nothing can take the place of spending time with your kids...nothing.

    The internet has become the wild, wild west when it comes to advertising. There are oodles of ways to do it. I prefer the no cost and low cost methods first. Be very cautions...I remember the first time one of my directors called me to share that he'd just contracted with a company to put him on top of everything for search....and guess what, it ONLY cost him $3000. The company had a great song and dance...but that was it. He learned a lesson I'd learned 2 years prior for $1000....and I followed another director on that one.

    Thrifty nickel type newspapers can be a great place to advertise a refrigerator, but not great for Coastal.

    I could go on and on....but, I'm going to get my day rolling.

    Jay NaPier
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
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    Thanks for the input Jay!

    I can attest that as a newer coastal director, learning when and where to advertise can be one of the most stressful aspects of the business. Im just glad that we have a place like this one to share thoughts and ideas! I would just like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone on this forum! You are all great!

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    Thank you, Jay.

    The internet has defininately become very competitive as far as advertising Coastal is concerned, especially Pay-per-click, which to us has been the #1 money-making advertising method.

    However, we also lost a lot of money in advertising that didn't work, but hey, we gained experience, and it was all worth it. We've made a LOT of money with Coastal in just our first year and we KNOW this is a great opportunity for ANYONE because of the marketing opportunities that are out there even for people that don't know how to turn on a computer.

    Also, when you have the determination to make a business work, what you don't know how to do, you will learn it, and that is the mindset we should all have about this business or any business.

    Our main source of leads right now is SEO, having our website on the #3 position in Google.

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