How to create a most popular pages list for your website/forum

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    Creating a most popular pages list is a great way to give extra exposure and PR (Page Rank) to pages on your site that are in demand, thereby helping them to rank well in search engines.

    If you have a blog, there are many plugins available to quickly create a most popular posts list. But for websites/forums there aren't any that I'm aware of that can create a spiderable (not javascript) list of most popular pages. The solution I'm providing here will help you to quickly create a most popular pages list, in 5 minutes or less. The only requirement is that you must have Google Analytics (free) installed on your site pages, preferably for over a week to collect sufficient data and a spreadsheet reader (Open Office).

    Now the steps...

    1) Log in to your Analytics account. After clicking View Reports, navigate to Top Content section under Content.

    2) Change the Show rows drop-down list to display say 50 results.

    3) Now export the result in CSV format.

    4) Open the file using your spreadsheet reader and copy the URL fields.

    5) Paste the content in any text editor and remove the preceding slashes (/11_20_0.html). You don't have to delete them one by one! Just open the Replace tool and then put / in the Find what box and hit the Replace All button without putting anything in the Replace with box.

    6) Now go to this page, enter the data and hit the button!

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