How to differentiate real legitimate and successful work at home opportunities?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by lraynal, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. lraynal

    lraynal New Member

    As many others, I am tired of long weeks of work without any more satisfaction, value, recognition, money at the end? I am tired to not have time to play with my childrens, to travel as I want. The idea of working at home is extremelly popular and attractive.
    In the mean time, there is so much unlegitimate offer, or offer which are not ensure success and money.
    How can we differentiate real legitimate and successful work at home opportunities, from the other one's?

    Thanks for sharing


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  2. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    One can find a lot about scams just by searching online. Search for the company you are interested in online. But be aware that virtually every online company will have it's detractors.

    And just because you see an article that says company x is a scam does not mean that it is. It has been a well known marketing tactic for marketers to use any company name and say something like, "Company X - Is Company X a scam?" Writing these articles could get you into legal trouble which is why Ezinearticles will no longer accept articles that have the word scam in the title. I would think that some of the other major article directories will do the same.

    You can check the BBB and see what it says. Though not every company is a member so you won't find everyone in there.

    Most MLM/network marketing companies are legitimate models though many will call them all scams as well. But just do your research and form your own opinion.

    Stay away from HYIP's (High Yield Income Programs). HYIP's offer you extremely high rates of return. Sorry - these types of returns do not exist on a regular basis and these clearly are scams.

    And if a program is relatively new - be careful. It could be a scammer out with a new program.

    Be very careful about businesses online that don't provide you with any real info on what the product is nor who is behind the company.

    And just because the website tells you that it is legal and legitimate does NOT mean that it is.

    Stay away from programs where you get people to send you money but no product exists. This is illegal and a scam.

    And if you find a program and you have questions about it, just come and ask questions about it on this forum.
  3. lraynal

    lraynal New Member

    Hi Joan
    Thank you for your great comment.
    In fact, there is real legitimate work at home successes. But just a few compared to the number of person who failed to found a real successful one. We need to look very carefully before to jump on something. In fact, when it seems to good to be true, it is not true!
    A real letigimate work at home should requiere work, time investment, commitment and outcome, isn't it?
    What do you think?


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  4. dreamwalker

    dreamwalker New Member

    It is really tough to find legitimate opportunities. But you are in the right place. Do the research before joining by sharing information on forums like this. You may already find that specific program listed and get really good feedback.

    Keep in mind that just because a program didn't work for someone, doesn't mean it isn't legitimate. One of my pet peeves is the people who yell scam because they didn't get rich the first week. Any program required a bit of work. And usually your income will reflect how much effort you put out.

    Find a program that matches your personality. Do you love to write? Or hate it? Are you really bad at computers and not interested in learning? Then an internet based program probably isn't the best for you. But if you aren't so great at the computer, but interested in learning - there are many many programs out there.

    I looked around for months online, signed up for a lot of things that didn't work - mostly because I didn't work them - lol. But I learned what I didn't like and what I did enjoy. And now I'm in a terrific group that is supportive, helpful and just plain nice. You'll find one too.
  5. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    lraynal: A real letigimate work at home should requiere work, time investment
    , commitment and outcome, isn't it?
    What do you think?
    Yes, a legitimate work at home biz does require effort, is likely to require money to build and requires commitment from the individual.

    And what works for one may not necessarily work or be right for another person.

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