How to find outsourcing agents in every language

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    People are asking how to find these inexpensive helpers, which I call my little Indians to outsource my original content. Throughout the world in very little countries, I pay as little as $0.05 cents per insertion of my content that links back to my websites. I set up fifty plus blogs, forums and other social media outlets in different languages using Babylon's affiliate language translation program which also pays me for every free trial version download, and then I give them my login details to post my material.

    Finally, I search the internet using outsourcing content and other keyword phrases to locate my little Indians that will go out and hunt for me. Usually, I have two to three guys waiting each day for my content and some are better than others at following directions. I then check to see if the postings are done correctly, if I have been banned or need to quickly sign up a new account. I do suggest staying in close contact with these guys and paying them through PayPal.
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    There is a "Services" section of the Digital Point forum where you can find people who you can hire for that kind of a thing. They have an iTrader rating system which allows you to read reviews on how well people performed on tasks others have hired them for.
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    Outsourcing is another secret of the gurus.

    Using it for articles and website design is very popular.

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