How to find people online?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Gloortom, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Gloortom

    Gloortom New Member

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to MLM and I'm a bit unsure how to find people online that would be interested either in the product or in the opportunity. I have created a facebook page (its in signature if you are curious) and I have also created a youtube channel where I post promotional videos we get from the company. However, it seems to me that its not attracting people. I've also heard that if you do pay for promoting website then facebook is using some kind of scam scheme that basically gives you "fake" likes and views that don't attract anyone so its a waste of money. Would you mind sharing your tips with me please, how to take this business off?

    My sponsor is very good (its actually family) and they have amazing results but they are old fashioned and they do 1-on-1 or seminars where they get people interested. For me that is not an option as I'm abroad and I don't speak the language here so I kinda have to use the online media until I relocate again.

    Would you mind to have a look and tell me please what am I missing or what is a good strategy to start with, please? I would really appreciate that, thank you.
  2. whisper

    whisper New Member


    Its true that doing one on one prospecting in network marketing is old fashion despite the fact that it still works very well.If you can do it in your location, why not give it a try.
    However,getting prospects online is far less stressful and gives mind-blowing results but only if you know how to go about it.
    It all centers around understanding how internet marketing works.I will suggest that you take a course in internet marketing and learn how to put things together bit by bit that guarantees the kind of result that you want. I have been in internet marketing and have been using it as a leverage in my network marketing campaigns and it has been working and have also met some great guys too who are doing the same with great success. May be its time you do same.
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  3. shootingstarpro

    shootingstarpro New Member

    i agree with you whisper. from the look of things, it seems u want to do your business online. really, its perfect. its easier to do attract prospects online than offline. however, there are things you must learn.
    offer value
    be interested in your prospects problem
    be friendly
    dont pitch them with your opportunities otherwise you will be chasing them
    grow personally
    read! read! read
    dont stop educating yourself
    learn internet marketing
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    People are going to Google and Bing/Yahoo and are searching for a home based business.

    You just need to advertise on those places effectively. You need to pay for these ads.
  5. There are plenty of ways to market online. The free methods will take time to get going but are probably better than the paid methods. Good luck!
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  6. Gloortom

    Gloortom New Member

    Could you elaborate more on those ways, please? Thank you :)
  7. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Facebook and YouTube and extremely powerful!
    Having a blog is a must as well because that way people find you instead of you having to find them.

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  8. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Peter is right. Social media is a great way to get the word out and reach out to others. Direct them to your blog or site.
  9. Gloortom

    Gloortom New Member

    I don't have a blog but I do have a facebook account and youtube channel where i repost my company's videos. What is a good thing to post on a blog and what site would you recommend, please?
  10. Facebook, Youtube, and other social media. Classified advertising. Forums. Wordpress comments. Lots of ways.
  11. Lorraine Pierce

    Lorraine Pierce New Member

    A good way to find leads is using this type of search in Google:

    "Skype Id" + "mca"
    "skype ID" + "whatever business"

    Great training here:
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  12. Rads To Riches

    Rads To Riches New Member

    Hey GloorTom and everyone else.

    It seems you have some good ideas with setting up Youtube Channels etc, but you have to consider that there are hundreds if not thousands of people doing a similar thing...So how do you stand out from the crowd and get more visitors? This is where the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

    Now I don't know your previous experience so don't want to tell you about something you may already be aware of, but it is very important to build a strong online presence from a number of different angles, using just one form of social media isn't enough. Here is my tip for you:

    Set up the following pages:

    Google Plus

    Yes it takes a little while, but is worth it. Next, and this will save you a lot of time, visit (If This, Then That) - This website is awesome and allows your to create automatic posting so as an example: Whenever you post to your Youtube channel, it will automatically create and post on all your other platforms! This means not having to repeat everything for each account and then you can simultaneously grow new followers from different places.

    Let me know if this is helpful to get you started, I would be happy to offer more help to you!
  13. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I would highly suggest you find yourself a system (Save Yourself Time Energy and Money) that can teach you how to market. That's how you find people is through your marketing efforts and knowing how to do it properly. Another suggestion would be to go check out some things on youtube. Although this would require a significant time investment to learn marketing vs using a paid system that has everything under one roof. Hope that helps.
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  14. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    Check out onlywire and linkluv. They work great at syndicating your content out as well.
  15. jumaane

    jumaane New Member

    Also LinkedIn and figure out your target market and hit up the Facebook groups. In the groups get to know people first. Also try to incorporate the 15 power words in marketing (you, new, free, guarantee). You can Google or youtube those. And last but not least I always find out if it's more online based or 1 on 1 and you have to go to out of state conferences. I prefer skype, hangouts. Keep in mind that if you use social media the optimal posting times are 7am-9am and 5pm-7pm.
  16. Bert Declercq

    Bert Declercq New Member

    Hello Rads To Riches,

    Thank you so much for this information. Most information on blogs/forums is very vague and tries to pull you into buying stuff from them. This is really straight forward/ to the point, ready to use information. Even though you don't get anything out of your post personally, I appreciate it a lot!

    Kind Regards,

    Bert Declercq
    Young Motivated Entrepreneur
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  17. Conor Doherty

    Conor Doherty New Member

    I would suggest starting a blog with Wordpress, get the plug-in All-In-One SEO by Yoast, and start blogging to get search engine traffic to your website. Let your visitors sign up for a free giveaway, then email to them consistently.
    You can also try Facebook ads, which is a favorite of mine. Easy traffic and targeted.
  18. JelenaOstrovska

    JelenaOstrovska New Member

    What I personally recommend you is first read Mike Dillard's book called "Magnetic Sponsoring". It will explain you in details how you should build your business online by implementing Attraction Marketing strategies. You should be generating leads online and branding YOUR name! People do NOT join business opportunities, people join PEOPLE. This is how it works. Network marketing is a relationship business. You develop relationships with people, you build trust and credibility and this is how people will start searching for you, willing to learn more about you and they will more likely join you in your business. Don't just lead with your company product or opportunity, lead with VALUE. Bring more value to the marketplace, give people what they want, help them!
  19. batalash3d

    batalash3d New Member

    This was a great questions with lots of great replies !! I am new here and found this info helpful !
  20. Smiler - JenB

    Smiler - JenB New Member

    Wow, what great responses and it's given me a lot of food for thought. It's amazing I had only heard of IFTTT a few days ago and the explanation of how it works from Rads To Riches is really great and it makes sense. I'm new to marketing and only started advertising on Bing this past week. I've now got it working where I am happy with it for now and will definitely consider setting up the pages that Rads to Riches has mentioned.

    Have a great day all :):)
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