How to Generate Targeted Traffic For Global Resorts or Others

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    Generate Targeted Leads
    This Thread is going to be to help various people with generating leads. For the person wondering if they even have a chance at promoting their business, it really isn't hard at all. I will be posting various ways to generate quality leads. These are the same techniques that my we teach our partners with Global Resorts Network. We use these to train our down line and leverage their efforts for $1000 commissions this way.

    Stay tuned.

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    Blogs are great but usually don't generate quick leads. Although, they generate highly targeted prospects who chase you. While your blog gets noticed by search engines you should be working on ways to generate leads quickly.
    is a great place to start your blog. Search engines love blogs because of their content so make sure that you have great content. Great content also tell people that you know what you are talking about.
    You will need to optimize your blog so it could get ranked high in Google and other search engines. The best way will be to start off with great plugins that help that. It would also help to submit your blog to search engines.
    It would also help greatly to get your blog in blog directories and bookmarks.

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    Hey all,
    In any business you need to stick out from the herd and a great way is promotions. I promote the retail side of Global Resorts as well so I do a few promotions to give my prospects that extra boost. On the retail side I have given away Las Vegas trips, Round trip vacations. etc.
    For the biz side I am currently doing a promotion that
    I we will be giving away the Last Ticket to the Global Resorts summit in Phoenix AZ for one of our lucky partners that joins first. There are other great ways to give incentives to your prospects.

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