how to get a squidoo better ranked fast

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by eliharold, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. eliharold

    eliharold Guest

    Hey guys
    If your stuck with your squidoo its getting no hits or anyhting and you want it to get some traffic just get your friends and family to view it and post a comment on the end and your squidoo will get a better rank in now time.

  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Eli,

    That might work.

    You could also leave a link on a forum or a blog that leads back to your lens.

    You could also write articles and a press release with a link that leads to the lens.

    You could mention your lens and place a link on your website.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  3. bOsiNg

    bOsiNg New Member

    I use blogging, digg, facebook, join forums and put a link on your signature.
  4. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Let's not forget Twitter! You can also post your updates on Twitter and get traffic that way.
  5. wlrahilly

    wlrahilly New Member

    You can also used the "featured lens" module and link all your lenses together.

    Comment on other people's lens but DO NOT leave a link back to your lens...this helps them rank on their keyword.

    I totally agree with writing articles, articles and more articles! [​IMG]
  6. samda

    samda Member

    I am not that much familiar with lenses. But I heared a lot of lens utils websites. Give it a try and let us know

  7. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    You can add your links preferably using anchor text on your online profiles too.
    The more the merrier!

  8. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    I am good feeling about writing articles these day,

    Even though I don't get traffic to my site or lens.[​IMG]

    It is cumulation of work.

    You will get paid out, when you keep doing it for yours

    1. Make a lens with quality fo efforts

    2. Every day write an articles about your product that is posted in
    your lens.

    3. Keep doing it over and over with slightly changed topics.

    That's the way you can attract more people on your lens unless you

    pay to some company to do.[​IMG]

    Consisstancy, and stead work will be paid off!!

    Thank you

    Happy day~^^[​IMG]
  9. daellis99

    daellis99 New Member

    Thanks Eli
  10. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    And don't forget to ping, ping, ping! Every time you edit and publish your lens make sure you ping it to let the search engines know you have new content. [​IMG]
  11. Jazmine

    Jazmine New Member

    Don't forget to join groups, I have found that joining groups helps your lens move up in squidoo ranks also.
  12. jmwe29

    jmwe29 New Member

    Ping? What does that mean?? I've got a bunch of lenses that I've edited more than once but never seen anything about "pinging".
  13. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    You can add your lens on forum signature link.

    So more people visit your lens,

    Your ranking will go up~

    Happy day~^^[​IMG]
  14. francksilvestre

    francksilvestre New Member

    Be interactive, comment on other lenses, rank them and leave some feedback. That way, other lens owners will do the same. I hope this helps.[​IMG]
  15. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    you just need alot of backlinks.. from articles forum posts, blog posts, press releases. Its working for me...
  16. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Pinging I know you can do with blogs, not sure about lens, but if thats the case, try or pingomatic. Technorati is one I use for my lens.

    Keyword content I think is a big key. Make sure you do your keyword research and use it throughout your lens and your articles.

    Whatever your topic is, search for forums related and as stated above, every day go to these forums and offer good info and people will click on your signature link. I usually spend about 30 per forum if I have the time.

    Twitter is also good. I only have a few followers but it grows every day. I average about 5 visits a day from twitter. Be careful who you follow on twitter though, they can spam you to death, at least thats what I call 30+ twits on the same subject.

    I am a newbie, but I have been on vacation this week and have actually been able to spend hours doing this. I learned more in this week than I have in months. Be careful, its addicting.

    The friends thing has not done much for me because they all think I am crazy and have no clue what I am doing, much less what I am talking about.
  17. MrMoney

    MrMoney New Member

    Wow thanks ev1 as a newbie to blogging, this is a very helpful thread [​IMG]
  18. LynnW

    LynnW New Member

    I use Twitter, Stumble, Xomba and blog about them. [​IMG]

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