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    Using Google Adwords can be a little tricky these days if approached

    So pay close attention.

    More than likely, in your marketing the keywords that are being used
    are of the broad and generic type. For example, you are probably
    using keywords like, home based business, or mlm or network marketing.

    Another no, no is using keywords that are unrelated into large adgroups.

    So here are two things I suggest:

    First, the way that Google keeps track of pay per click marketing, you want
    to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. You can accomplish
    this by making certain all your keywords are highly relevant to the ad
    in which you are running.

    Hypothetically, if you are promoting keywords like "home based business"
    (which I do not recommend but just for the sake of example), you must include
    that keyword in your ad headline and also in the ad description.

    If done in this manner, Google will recognize your ad as being relevant.

    Secondly, running keyword ads on "home based business" is
    much too broad. Instead, you must do your due diligence in researching
    more specific keywords. Also, your keyword groups must be small and
    focused on certain topics.

    An easy way to establish a list of more specific keywords is to think
    of things more experienced prospects would search for in your industry.

    More experienced prospects will specify more targeted keywords
    to grow their business. For example, in network marketing they would do
    a search for certain individual names of persons who are known to help people
    grow their businesses online.

    These prospects are already aware of what network marketing is and
    they are brainstorming and pinpointing their search in a more advanced

    The more experienced marketer using these specific names as keywords
    will allow them to hit pay dirt and laser target their marketing to the
    most sophisticated and likely to take action.

    The prospect that does a Google search query for keywords such as
    "home based business" is most likely looking for broad and not specific
    solutions. You can label these prospects as "tire kickers" and they
    are more likely not to take action. Needless to say, this is not the type
    of prospect you are looking for.

    So I advise you to stay away from generic and broad keywords but find
    as many specific keywords to laser target your marketing to prospects
    who are more likely to take action.

    Relevancy is key in Google. Make sure to keep your adgroups small as
    Google will more likely regard your ad as relevant to your keyword group.
    This is especially true if you remember to use your adgroups main keywords
    in your ad.

    Take this knowledge and use it to your advantage.

    Stay growing !!!

    - Kevin
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    Thanks for this Kevin - Google drives me mad but still a must at present I'm afraid......
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    That's a great piece of advice. Thanks!
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    Nice post. Id rather use traffic geyser or tube mogul to get organic traffic using video.

    You can get ranked with 24hrs using videos and guess what its FREE!

    Adwords is great but you really need to be careful with it. You Can lose money fast.

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