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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Breanne, May 1, 2008.

  1. Breanne

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    This seems to be one of the top questions that people ask me on a daily basis. They want to know not only how to get traffic to their website, but actual targeted traffic .

    The first and foremost thing about getting target traffic is that you must know your target market. Who are they, where are they at, what appeals to them? These are very simple questions to help pinpoint your target market. Wherever your market is, is where you need to place your content no matter what it is. You also need to be able to tag and keyword your content so that they will be able to find it easier. Do your research and get educated in SEO. That was definitely a turning point for me.

    You need to be able to know your target market like the back of your hand. Find out what their strengths are and even more importantly find out what their weakness' are.

    When you find out what your market's weakness is, then you need to find the solution to their problem. Show them a way that they can fix it or help them. When you do this you are adding value to their lives, you are making something easier for them, you are making them happy that they won't have that struggle anymore. So find their need and then fill it.

    Also is important that the different content that you are putting out there be of value. Whether you are using a blog, articles, social networks, forums, videos, or whatever medium you are using, just put in as much value as possible. In the words of my mentor, Bring Ice to the Desert.
  2. happywife

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    Good post Breanne.

    It is important to keep the needs and wants of your 'target market' in mind (I just call them visitors). [​IMG]

    If you are building a website about a particular niche topic, you need to know what your visitors are looking for and then provide the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems.

    Keyword research is really important to get that targeted traffic - especially if you are wanting to get it for free. You need to know exactly what phrases those potential visitors are typing into the search engines. Once you do, you can build individual pages (or articles if you don't have a site) devoted to each search phrase.

    If you tag and build your pages accordingly and provide good and valuable content, the search engines will send you free visitors that are indeed your targeted market.

    You can study SEO, or you can use a program that pretty much handles the optimization for you (that's what I did).

    It seems completely overwhelming to you when you are brand new at online marketing, but keeping it simple and real works well, in my opinion.

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Great post! It's key to pinpoint your target market and then get in front of them. You have what they want.

    Thanks again for the great tips.
  4. FreeCashMan

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    Good input for niche marketing advertising. If one can generate leads/sales from free advertising to make money that is a reflection of the ultimate power of the internet and the ability to make money online.

    Much success to you.
  5. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    Hi there,

    Good post Breanne. Sounds like you've done alot of research on target marketing, SEO and keywords or tags.

    It's wonderful to find more and more people who are willing to share what they know about how to earn money on the internet.

    Web 2.0 certainly has changed the face of marketing! There are no more secrets to success.

    Anybody can learn how to do it if they are willing. There will be problems along the way but you can find the solutions.

    A good mentor can cut your learning curve down considerably. But the work needs to be hands-on, done by your self.

    A mentor can show you the way. He or she can point you in the right direction and give you valuable insight.

    After we chose our mentor we got right to work on doing whatever he told us to do. He told us he could virtually guarantee our success if we were coachable!

    Pretty amazing guy. We're very fond of him. I don't know where we'd be today without him.

    Thanks Breanne for sharing your light with us!

    Your friends,
    Rob Nyte
  6. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Knowing your target market is very important, you can earn far more with very little traffic
  7. Zurvita

    Zurvita New Member

    In regard to targeted traffic, one of the key dynamics I always keep in mind is this. What is the problem and what is the solution. So along the lines of what has already been mentioned, I then reach the people with the problem and present them with the solution to their problem.

    This brings massive value to the market place at the same time it relieves the recipient of the solution of a massive headache.

    Once the pain is gone, the tiger with the thorn removed becomes very teachable because the EXPERIENCED the relief and they KNOW that it WORKS!

    Thanks everybody, this forum rocks!
  8. PMHayes

    PMHayes New Member

    Breanne: When you find out what your market's weakness is, then you need to find the solution to their problem. Show them a way that they can fix it or help them. When you do this you are adding value to their lives, you are making something easier for them, you are making them happy that they won't have that struggle anymore. So find their need and then fill it.
    I like to think of it as finding thier "Pain," and offering them a way to aleviate it. Enrique Garibay (sp) says pain motivates people to buy. I like that. It makes sense. Tim Sales takes a slightly different approach. If you have listened to "Professional Inviter" you have hear him say "find out their need, want, desire, then show them how you can help them realize it. The key word here is "you." If they believe you can help them they will join you.

    Back to your target market. I have my own opinions on the matter, but i would like to hear yours, Breanne. In MLM, who, in your opinion is our target market? Conventional wisdom aside, to whom should we really be targeting our ads, our articles, our blogs, etc.? Like i said, i have my ideas, i just want to hear from another pro.
  9. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    "Put yourself in your visitors shoes" Think as if you were visiting the website, Try and think like them, ask yourself what questions do they want answers to and are the solutions within your website.

    It may seem simple but you can achieve quite abit using this simple method [​IMG]
  10. Reza

    Reza New Member

    I am very new to online marketing nearlly 2 weeks and got my first team member only by using the safelists that I am provided.
  11. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    I am finding a lot of success using You tube and video to promote my Global Resorts business.
    First You tube get hits like crazy and has another added benefit which is personal branding. It also allows you to personally contact with people without meeting them.
    I have a few videos on top of You tube and show my partners how to do the same.

    Global Resorts gives you $1000 for everyone you bring free traffic = $$$

    Take care
  12. BigMoneyJoe

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    Finding a target market is alot like finding the needle in the haystack for most people.

    It takes alot of study to get into the minds of how a certain group of people think.

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