How to get your site indexed by google quickly

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by onebillionviews, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. onebillionviews

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    If you do not want to wait a few days or weeks for the google bots to come to your site and index it here is how you can do it quickly...

    go to and add your url

    then go to
    and search for your url....

    You will get something like "No results were found .... try clicking on the url directly"

    So click on that url...

    This forces a google bot to go to your url immediatelly and index it

    Wait a few minutes

    Then type your url into the search at again

    and voila

    your site is indexed!

    Be aware this doesnt boost your ratings or get you more visitors... this is just to index your site by google
  2. Hey onebillion,
    I did try what you suggested and tried to google search.
    I waited over a 1/2 hr and tried again, Nothing...
    Is there a secret to adding the URL I don't know?
    Used my URL, should I use my Blog address instead? (with /atom.xml)
  3. onebillionviews

    onebillionviews New Member

    It is added Joe [​IMG]

    Check google again

    I just tried and found

    FeedBurner - Point your feed here. We'll do the rest.
    Ready to burn your feed? Start here. Type Your Blog or Feed Address Here to Get
    Started: I am a podcaster! Get started with: ...

    It just takes more time sometimes (within the hour i reckon)


    That Aussie Bloke
  4. Renier

    Renier New Member

    Yahoo index your website first cause it is a directory and then if you have enough links and your site has value content google will do the google dance and give your site a page rank.

    content is very important and then anchor links to your site.


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