How to have prospects contact you from post its? Have you seen this?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by rmartin, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. rmartin

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    I can't take credit for this. This was actually passed down from my personal sponsor. My team absolutley rocks and is the best in the buisness if you ask me. Anyway, he built a strategy to have people contacting you by the placement of post its in high traffic areas. I know, you're like what? He calls it mobile classifieds. Here's the scoop. You go to your local Office Max and get a customized stamp made with 4 magical lines. Goes something like this. Part time work, $750 to $1500 dollars/ mo., flexible schedule, will train. Then your name and number. Get yourself a pack of post its and your on your way. Place them on ATM's, gas pumps, red box or anywhere people visit often. When they call back you take them through a qualifying process. Remember this is your buisness and you are looking for the gems. If they qualify for your time you set an appt to meet with them to give them an overview of your company or oppurtunity. This is working for alot of our team members and it will work for you if you try it. The full training on this can be found out is a free blog post. Let me know what you guys think. This man is my mentor and is amazing at generating leads for your buisness. This is also a way to have people calling you and for you take control instead of you looking to find your next prospect.
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    One word of warning ... remember YOUR number is on that little slip of paper that will litter the sidewalks, so if you start to cause problems with littering, you are the one getting in trouble and not the company or your sponsor.

    Otherwise, have fun with it.[​IMG]
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    This can be a good strategy but some places, they will take down those classifieds for you and even fine you.

    I am not trying to sound negative here but it is the truth.

    If your mentor is doing well with this kind of tactic then I guess it is OK.

  4. rmartin

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    Well, my team has been using this technique for a few months now and noone has gotten into any trouble and we have sponsored quite a few reps as well. Usually the people who pick up the post it are interested and hold onto it so they can contact you. If you're thinking about the trouble you're gonna get into by using a post it note then come up with other techniques. But I can tell you this is easier than just going out there contacting people. It gives you control and the power cause these people are contacting you. And it will definitely have your phone ringing with leads on the other end. Best of all it's an affordable way to generate prospects for your buisness offline.
  5. Yes people do call with this strategy.....One thing I would like to add is
    when ever they call they do expect a sales pitch from you. I turn this around and I ask them "How can I help"......In this way I do have a really good dialogue with them and they actually tell me that how can i help them and then I decide if I really do have something to offer them.

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