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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by LeeJames, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. LeeJames

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    If you are looking to make some extra money from your website and or blog... It’s very easy, all you do is place a banner (many to choose from) on your website and or blog, promote through social media (if you want) and every time a purchase is made from your website you get a commission. That's it! And it doesn't cost you a thing. You just make money!

    Many topics to choose from, everything from…

    Web hosting
    Home & Garden
    Web Services
    Logo Design

    And much more!

    Send a message, let me know what your website or blog is about and we can take it from there!

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  2. payment proof

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    Promoting your blog/site is key though. The trick is getting quality traffic that turns into conversions. People can also consider different places to promote such as other sites, forums, etc. Learning the basics of SEO may be helpful as well.

    Thanks Cheryl. :)
  3. LeeJames

    LeeJames New Member

    Exactly! Couldn't agree more. Thanks :)
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  4. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Make sure the banner is relevant to the topic of your website.
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  5. cravenslope

    cravenslope New Member

    I agree with this. Try learning the basic SEO also so you can help your website boost its visibility on search engine and gather more traffic. And if you are really decided to pursue and make it a real business and get more earning out of it, you can consider seo consultation services. This will help you analyze what your website needs, tells the best strategies to use and works with you towards achieving your targets. And for me the best part of it is you'll gonna learn the latest marketing trend and you just don't have to rely and focus on what you only know.
  6. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Just placing a banner on your site and hoping to make sales is not really that easy.. Sure if you have a relevant banner and relevant traffic you might get sales. But what I have found is you need to do a lot of testing with your banners and find the one that converts.. ie: it could be the color, or the wording, or maybe a plain text banner works better.
  7. cheta

    cheta New Member

    i agree with you very well on this. to add something to it, you can make the banner to be in form of gif form where some color text or image blinks at regular time intervals as this increases the chances of catching the eyes of any online visitors to see your banner and hopeful want to know more about it.
  8. Muzzamil

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    You basically just described Affiliate Marketing. However most people only click on your ads if they got any value from your blog or article. If you write valuable blogs, it will create more trust and your readers and they are very likely to click on one of your ads. Hope I helped you a bit.
  9. Malluni

    Malluni Member

    I fully agree with what was said above! Personally, I think that you should create maybe not some new content, but really interesting and necessary for everyone. It can be anything, such as advice on animal care or cleaning the house. It is good that nowadays there is a lot of useful websites such as this website builder ( With it, you can create your own blog or website in minutes. Then, it's up to promotion and the search for the really desired content. Good luck to all!
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