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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by DaveWalters, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Many if not most, of the people here are interested in what I am just going to call "how to money". You can insert whatever verb you want (assuming its not 'repel') into this phrase, but the point is we are all looking for ways to make money on the internet. Therefore, I am going to summarize what I have learned in my time pursuing this "how to money" question as it relates to the making money on the internet:

    How To Money Tip #1: Figure out what you have to offer, what you are good or knowledgable about and focus on that. Are you good at writing, analyzing, programming, photography, etc.?

    How To Money Tip #2: Freelancing: Go to sites such as and post your skills there so that potential customers can have a look at what you have to offer.

    How To Money Tip #3: Writing: there are many sites you can get paid to write or get your articles in the search engines in order to drive traffic to your site. is a good one if you don't have a website. You can write articles and get paid annualy depending on how popular they are. pays you to write reviews of software products (if you understand the field) lets you suggest domain names for others who are, well, picky about their domain names.

    You won't get rich from these, but you can make some decent income if you are persistent.

    How To Money Tip #4: Question and Answers sites: you can make a good amount of money answering folks questions on the internet. You must be careful not to spam though. The most well-known of these sites is Yahoo Answers. Another is

    How To Money Tip #5: Build your own website or blog. Your main goal is then to include links to products for which you are an affiliate. Choose good legitimate products, they'll be around longer, give you more sales, and it's better for you psychologically. The key is to drive traffic to your site which you can do by using some of the other tips here.

    How To Money Tip #6: Build a blog and continue to add to it. The search engines love content and the more you add and the more targeted it is the better. Again, think about what niche you have to offer. At you can take ownership of an abandoned blog.

    How To Money Tip #7: The best places for affiliates and ads are (1) Goodle AdSense (2) (3) and (4) Commission Junction

    How To Money Tip #8: Photography: at you can upload photos and videos and everytimes someone uses it you get a commission.

    How To Money Tip #9: Take Surveys: At and you can take surveys and get paid. There are many others, but proceed with caution there.

    How To Money Tip #10: Online Teaching: you'd be surprised at the number of places online where you can teach or tutor others about your speacialty. is a good site for this.

    How To Money Tip #11: Online Office Assistant: you can sign up for temp jobs as an office assistant dealing with emails, bookkeeping, data entry, etc. One place to do this is

    How To Money Tip#12: At, you start off with a penny and can increase by playing games and being involved in various activity. Moola makes money through their advertising

    How To Money Tip #13: pays for content (they even promise you that you'll get paid everytime you come to their site)

    How To Money Tip #14: Review Music: that's right, you can get paid to listen to music and write a review for it. The only site I know of for this is

    How To Money Tip #15: Online Dictation: If you are quick at typing you can dictate at

    That's all for now, if more come to mind I'll add them. If anyone has any other tips to share you are more than welcome. I hope this helps!
  2. A8ch

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    Hi Dave,

    You've obviously learned quite a bit in your time pursuing
    how to make money on the internet. I learned a few things
    from your post today.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. getagrip

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    Good post - I like how you listed all of the different options available. [​IMG]
  4. mountainmom5

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    Thanks Dave for taking the time to post that. I am sure it will help a lot of folks..
  5. computeruler

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    Thanks! I will have to check out those sites
  6. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Dave,

    Nice list.

    Be yourself and write about something you feel passionate about. Be creative with your angles. The rest should work out.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  7. Singapoor

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    Thanks for taking the time out to compile the list Dave. I, too, learned a bit from it.
  8. FreeCashMan

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    Pretty good list you did there. I would ad that people need to look at a network marketing opportunity that can generate them MONTHLY residual income. Putting in the same work for some of those survey, post on forums, ad surfing, to get paid sites you mentioned will go a lot further putting that into online marketing of your network marketing biz.

    Once one establishes an online presence the leads continue to come to grow your biz indefinitely and for free. I enjoy his luxury and other can do the same. I'm just not sure where the "get paid pennies" sites for "this or that" have the potential to really pay substantial monthly residual cash flow. After many years in the entrepreneur field, I've come to realize that it is essential to also be about the business of pursuing MONTHLY residual income building in one or more ventures/opportunities compared to just working a direct sales, one-time pay biz opportunity.
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    A8ch: That's all for now, if more come to mind I'll add them. If anyone has any other tips to share you are more than welcome. I hope this helps!
    selling on ebay is one of the ways also[​IMG]
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    Thanks for the post...I was writing a couple of these down, I will be using some of these ideas...Thanks again!

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